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Involvement of an Upstream Stimulatory Factor as Well as cAMP-responsive Element-binding Protein in the Activation of Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Gene Promoter I*
Findings support that not only CREB but also USF1/USF2 contributes to Ca2+ signal-mediated activation of BDNF-PI through the recognition of an overlapping CRE and USF-binding element.
Cloning and Sequencing of the Gene for Na+/H+Antiporter ofVibrio parahaemolyticus
A gene encoding an Na+/H+antiporter was cloned from Vibrio parahaemolyticus into the plasmid pBR322 and expressed in Escherichia colicells and deduced amino acid sequence was found to be 72% identical to the NhaB Na+.
Cloning and sequencing of the gene for Na+/H+ antiporter of Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
A gene encoding an Na+/H+ antiporter was cloned from vibrio parahaemolyticus into the plasmid pBR322 and expressed in Escherichia coli cells. The gene enabled mutant E. coli cells to grow in the
Valproic acid induces up- or down-regulation of gene expression responsible for the neuronal excitation and inhibition in rat cortical neurons through its epigenetic actions
Valproic acid (VPA) may disrupt a balance between excitatory and inhibitory neuronal activities through its epigenetic effect.
Cloning and sequencing of a novel Na+/H+ antiporter gene from Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
The deduced amino acid sequence suggests that the Na+/H+ antiporter (NhaP) of P. aeruginosa is unique among bacterial antiporters.
Regulation of neurotrophin‐3 gene transcription by Sp3 and Sp4 in neurons
It is found that an NT‐3 transcript containing EIB is predominantly expressed in cortical neurons which preferentially utilize promoter B, and two tandemly repeated GC‐boxes are required for the transcription.
Robust stimulation of TrkB induces delayed increases in BDNF and Arc mRNA expressions in cultured rat cortical neurons via distinct mechanisms
Robust stimulation of TrkB autonomously induces delayed BDNF mRNA expression in an activity‐dependent manner in rat cortical neurons, resulting in the stimulation of Arc mRNA expression through endogenously synthesized BDNF, the process being orchestrated by the Ca2+ and ERK/MAPK signaling pathways.
Developmental expression of the SRF co‐activator MAL in brain: role in regulating dendritic morphology
Findings indicate that the MAL‐SRF signaling pathway plays a key role in regulating dendritic morphology in adult brain and cultured cortical neurons.
Transcription modulation in vitro of the fibroin gene exerted by a 200-base-pair region upstream from the "TATA" box.
  • M. Tsuda, Y. Suzuki
  • Biology, Medicine
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 1 December 1983
It is determined that major signals responsible for the modulating effect are located within a 200-base-pair region upstream from the TATA box, mainly in a distal region between nucleotide positions -238 and -116 and in a proximal one between -73 and -53.
Remote control of activity-dependent BDNF gene promoter-I transcription mediated by REST/NRSF.
To know the role of repressor element-1 (RE-1)-silencing transcription factor (REST) in activity-dependent gene transcription in neurons, we investigated whether the Ca2+ signal-induced transcription