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The effects of in vitro hemodilution with gelatin, hydroxyethyl starch, and lactated Ringer's solution on markers of coagulation: an analysis using SONOCLOT.
SCT provides a fast and easy to perform bedside test to quantify in vitro hemodilution and among colloids, hydroxyethyl starch has the largest impact on markers of coagulation compared with gelatin or lactated Ringer's solution. Expand
Fatal fulminant myocarditis caused by disseminated mucormycosis
The case of an immunocompromised patient who developed acute fulminant myocarditis in the setting of disseminated mucormycosis is presented. Expand
Platelet aggregation under high shear conditions during and after a 28-day administration of 100 mg acetylsalicylic acid in healthy volunteers.
The present study concludes that the platelet function measured with the PFA-100 is not inhibited significantly after a single dose of 100 mg aspirin, is thereafter inhibited consistently in the majority, but not all individuals during a 4 week treatment, and returns to normal in 48-72 h. Expand
[Radiotherapy of the carcinoma of the anus (author's transl)].
[Simultaneous measurement of blood concentrations of O2 and CO with a Van Slyke apparatus].
The error has been found to be a function of both blood CO and Hb contents and the results are equally precise in presence and in absence of CO which makes simultaneous Co2 and Cco measurements with this classical and unexpensive method quite acceptable. Expand
[The diagnostic possibilities and limitations of arteriography in necrosed carcinomas of the kidney (author's transl)].
The method of radiological exploration which the authors feel to be desirable in practice following the discovery of a renal mass by intravenous pyelography is described, which involves a precise, rigourous and faultless technique. Expand