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Results from simulated data sets: probabilistic record linkage outperforms deterministic record linkage.
We compared the performance of deterministic record linkage (DRL) vs. probabilistic record linkage in different conditions by varying the frequency of registration errors and the amount of discriminating power. Expand
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Regional perinatal mortality differences in the Netherlands; care is the question
BackgroundPerinatal mortality is an important indicator of health. European comparisons of perinatal mortality show an unfavourable position for the Netherlands. Our objective was to study regionalExpand
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Record Linkage: Making the Most Out of Errors in Linking Variables
We showed that the extension of a third outcome"close" when comparing values of corresponding linking variables led to a major improvement in our probabilistic record linkage study. Expand
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Research Paper: Ignoring Dependency between Linking Variables and Its Impact on the Outcome of Probabilistic Record Linkage Studies
We estimated the impact of ignoring dependency by re-estimating the linkage weights after constructing a variable that combines the outcomes of the comparison of 2 correlated variables. Expand
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Ethnic differences in stillbirth and early neonatal mortality in The Netherlands
Background Ethnic disparities in perinatal mortality are well known. This study aimed to explore the contribution of demographic, socioeconomic, health behavioural and pre-existent medical riskExpand
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An efficient validation method of probabilistic record linkage including readmissions and twins.
OBJECTIVE To describe an efficient, generalizable approach to validate probabilistic record linkage results, in particular by a model-guided detection of linking errors, and to apply this approach toExpand
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[Perinatal mortality in The Netherlands 2000-2006; risk factors and risk selection].
OBJECTIVE To gain insight in recent perinatal mortality figures in The Netherlands and their relation with important risk factors, risk groups and risk selection among pregnant women. DESIGNExpand
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Intraoperative and postoperative risk factors for anastomotic leakage and pneumonia after esophagectomy for cancer.
Morbidity and mortality after esophagectomy are often related to anastomotic leakage or pneumonia. This study aimed to assess the relationship of intraoperative and postoperative vital parametersExpand
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Decreasing perinatal mortality in The Netherlands, 2000–2006: a record linkage study
Background: The European PERISTAT-1 study showed that, in 1999, perinatal mortality, especially fetal mortality, was substantially higher in The Netherlands than in other European countries. The aimExpand
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Medical Record Linkage of Anonymous Registries without Validated Sample Linkage of the Dutch Perinatal Registries
This paper describes how probabilistic Medical Record Linkage (MRL) was applied to link the Dutch perinatal anonymous registries for the year of 2001. Expand
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