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Current approach to hemochromatosis.
Iron overload diseases of genetic origin are an ever changing world, due to major advances in genetics and molecular biology. Five major categories are now established: HFE-related or type1Expand
Hepcidin levels in humans are correlated with hepatic iron stores, hemoglobin levels, and hepatic function.
Hepcidin, a key regulator of iron metabolism, is synthesized by the liver. Hepcidin binds to the iron exporter ferroportin to regulate the release of iron into plasma from macrophages, hepatocytes,Expand
Comparative analysis of mouse hepcidin 1 and 2 genes: evidence for different patterns of expression and co‐inducibility during iron overload 1
In contrast to the human genome, the mouse genome contains two HEPC genes encoding hepcidin, a key regulator of iron homeostasis. Here we report a comparative analysis of sequence, genomic structure,Expand
Nucleophosmin/B23 activates Aurora A at the centrosome through phosphorylation of serine 89
Aurora A, which is known to be activated by autophosphorylation at Thr288, is also locally activated during centrosomal maturation by nucleophosmin-mediated phosphorylation at Ser89.
Strain and gender modulate hepatic hepcidin 1 and 2 mRNA expression in mice.
Hepcidin (HEPC) plays a key role in iron homeostasis and an abnormally low level of hepcidin mRNA has been reported in HFE-1 genetic hemochromatosis. Considering the well-known phenotypic variabilityExpand
Aurora A is involved in central spindle assembly through phosphorylation of Ser 19 in P150Glued
A human Aurora A kinase engineered to be specifically inhibited by the ATP analog 1-Na-PP1 allows dissection of a novel role for this protein in central spindle assembly.
Daily regulation of serum and urinary hepcidin is not influenced by submaximal cycling exercise in humans with normal iron metabolism
Hepcidin and hemojuvelin (HJV) are two critical regulators of iron metabolism as indicated by the development of major iron overload associated to mutations in hepcidin and HJV genes. Hepcidin andExpand
Aurora A is involved in central spindle assembly through phosphorylation of Ser 19 in P150Glued
Knowledge of Aurora A kinase functions is limited to premetaphase events, particularly centrosome maturation, G2/M transition, and mitotic spindle assembly. The involvement of Aurora A in eventsExpand
Identification of Distal cis-Regulatory Elements at Mouse Mitoferrin Loci Using Zebrafish Transgenesis
ABSTRACT Mitoferrin 1 (Mfrn1; Slc25a37) and mitoferrin 2 (Mfrn2; Slc25a28) function as essential mitochondrial iron importers for heme and Fe/S cluster biogenesis. A genetic deficiency of Mfrn1Expand
Iron overload promotes Cyclin D1 expression and alters cell cycle in mouse hepatocytes.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Patients exhibiting hepatic iron overload frequently develop hepatocellular carcinoma. An impaired expression of hepatic genes could be involved in this phenomenon. Our aim was toExpand