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Algebraic Criteria for Entanglement in Multipartite Systems
Abstract Quantum computing depends heavily on quantum entanglement. It has been known that geometric models for correlated two-state quantum systems (qubits) can be developed using geometric algebra.Expand
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Lie Algebras and Generalized Thermal Coherent States
In this paper, we developed an algebraic formulation for the generalized thermal coherent states with a Thermofield Dynamics approach for multi-modes, based on coset space of Lie groups. InExpand
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Modelling non-periodic systems by binary uniform substitution sequences
Substitution sequences are used for modelling non-homogeneous interactions between elements (atoms, spins, etc.) that form up neither periodic nor disordered lattice models whose physical propertiesExpand
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Non-extensive statistical entropy, quantum groups and quantum entanglement
In this work, we explore a new connection between quantum groups and Tsallis entropy through the energy spectrum of a Hamiltonian with SUq(2) symmetry. Identifying the deformation parameter of theExpand
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