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The precuneus: a review of its functional anatomy and behavioural correlates.
A useful conceptual framework is provided for matching the functional imaging findings with the specific role(s) played by this structure in the higher-order cognitive functions in which it has been implicated, and activation patterns appear to converge with anatomical and connectivity data in providing preliminary evidence for a functional subdivision within the precuneus.
The syndrome of fixed dystonia: an evaluation of 103 patients.
It is concluded that fixed dystonia usually, but not always, occurs after a peripheral injury and overlaps with CRPS, and seven patients who underwent multidisciplinary treatment, including physiotherapy and psychotherapy, experienced partial or complete remission.
The Human Amygdala
Building on pioneering animal studies, and making use of new, noninvasive techniques for studying the human brain, research on the human amygdala has blossomed in recent years. This comprehensive
A functional neuroanatomy of tics in Tourette syndrome.
Aberrant activity in the interrelated sensorimotor, language, executive, and paralimbic circuits identified in this study may account for the initiation and execution of diverse motor and vocal behaviors that characterize tics in TS, as well as for the urges that often accompany them.
The psychiatric comorbidity of epilepsy
A non‐systematic review of the literature allows us to draw some useful, although not definite, conclusions about the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in epilepsy.
Topiramate and Psychiatric Adverse Events in Patients with Epilepsy
This study determined the prevalence of psychiatric adverse events (PAEs) in patients with epilepsy treated with topiramate and identified a patient profile at risk of developing PAEs.
Psychiatric adverse events during levetiracetam therapy
A significant association was found with previous psychiatric history, history of febrile convulsions, and history of status epilepticus, whereas lamotrigine co-therapy had a protective effect.