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Clustering biomolecular complexes by residue contacts similarity
Inaccuracies in computational molecular modeling methods are often counterweighed by brute‐force generation of a plethora of putative solutions. These are then typically sieved via structuralExpand
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Community‐wide evaluation of methods for predicting the effect of mutations on protein–protein interactions
Community‐wide blind prediction experiments such as CAPRI and CASP provide an objective measure of the current state of predictive methodology. Here we describe a community‐wide assessment of methodsExpand
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Defining the limits of homology modeling in information‐driven protein docking
Information‐driven docking is currently one of the most successful approaches to obtain structural models of protein interactions as demonstrated in the latest round of CAPRI. While variousExpand
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pdb-tools: a swiss army knife for molecular structures
The pdb-tools are a collection of Python scripts for working with molecular structure data in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) format. They allow users to edit, convert, and validate PDB files, from theExpand
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