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Evolution of plasma acetate concentration during ethanol metabolism in man.
Following oral administration of ethanol to ethylic as well as non-ethylic volunteers, the entire time course of plasma acetate concentration has been observed. The curve shows a typical evolution inExpand
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Non-linear kinetics of ethanol elimination in man: medico-legal applications of the terminal concentration-time data analysis.
Research regarding parameters suitable for reporting on the activity of enzymatic systems responsible for ethanol metabolism is of obvious interest in medico-legal practice. Blood ethanolExpand
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Chronic alcoholism and endogenous gastrin.
Gastirn blood levels after the ingestion of a meat meal, either alone or associated with ethanol (1.0 gm./kg.), are higher and better sustained in dogs treated chronically with alcohol than inExpand
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The Cephalogastric Phase of the Pancreatic Response to Food in the Dog
We studied post-meal pancreatic secretion and gastrin release in conscious dogs with duodenal Thomas cannulas. Normal dogs were tested in physiological conditions and with an i.v. infusion ofExpand
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Increased gastrin release in chronic calcifying pancreatitis and in chronic alcoholism.
Plasma gastrin levels were measured by radioimmunoassay before and after a test meal associated with 40 ml ethanol in 21 patients presenting with chronic calcifying pancreatitis, in 10 apparentlyExpand
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The effect of acetaldehyde on pancreatic and gastric secretion.
To ascertain whether any of the well-known effects of intravenous ethanol on pancreatic and gastric secretion could be due to its metabolite--acetaldehyde, a strong cytotoxic and sympathomimeticExpand
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[Role of formalin in the occurrence of sclerosing lesions of the bile ducts. Experimental approach in dogs. Apropos of 3 clinical cases].
The authors experimentally reproduced in dogs, sclerosing lesions of biliary tract similar to those that they noticed in clinical practice, after the use of a formalin solution for sterilization ofExpand
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[Hyperplasia of antral "G" cells. Quantitative evaluation in endoscopic biopsies].
The number of gastrin cells (G cells) and somatostatin cells (D cells) per surface unit, and the G/D cell ratio were estimated in biopsy specimens of the antrum from normal subjects withoutExpand
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[Serum carbohydrate 19-9 Tm and bronchial cancer. Comparative study with another tumor marker, carcinoembryonic antigen].
Carbohydrate antigen 19-9 Tm (CA 19-9 Tm) level was measured in 3 groups of sera: 138 control subjects affected by bronchogenic no malignant diseases, 117 subjects with primary bronchogenicExpand
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Pancreatic Responses to Endogenous and Exogenous Gastrin in the Dog
Serum gastrin and pancreatic secretion were measured in conscious Thomas fistula dogs during infusion of increasing doses of porcine gastrin, against a background of secretin. Dose-responseExpand
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