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A practical comparison of manual and autonomous methods for acoustic monitoring
Summary Autonomous acoustic recorders are widely available and can provide a highly efficient method of species monitoring, especially when coupled with software to automate data processing. Expand
The use of acoustic indices to determine avian species richness in audio-recordings of the environment
We address the ecological problem of estimating avian species richness using acoustic richness by sampling from very long acoustic recordings. Expand
BLOMAP: An encoding of amino acids which improves signal peptide cleavage site prediction
This paper addresses the fundamental issue of amino acid encoding to present amino acid sequences in the most beneficial way for machine learning algorithms. Expand
Visualization of Long-duration Acoustic Recordings of the Environment
We combine indices to produce false-color images that reveal acoustic content and facilitate navigation through recordings that are months or even years in duration. Expand
Sampling environmental acoustic recordings to determine bird species richness.
Acoustic sensors can be used to estimate species richness for vocal species such as birds. They can continuously and passively record large volumes of data over extended periods. These data mustExpand
Ecology and acoustics at a large scale
We investigate the role of acoustics at higher levels of biological organization, such as guilds, communities, ecosystems and landscapes. Expand
Towards Melodic Extension Using Genetic Algorithms
We study the suitability of Genetic Algorithms to the modest, yet still difficult task of generating appropriate extensions to melodic 'seeds'. Expand
A toolbox for animal call recognition
We have developed software tools and applications to assist ecologists with the collection and analysis of acoustic data at large spatial and temporal scales. Expand
Characterization of autonomic dysfunction in patients with irritable bowel syndrome by means of heart rate variability studies
OBJECTIVE:Our aim was to characterize autonomic dysfunction in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) using heart rate variability (HRV) studies.METHODS:EKG signals were obtained from 35Expand
Acoustic classification of Australian anurans using syllable features
In this study, a novel feature extraction method for frog call classification is presented based on the analysis of spectrograms. Expand