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High-temperature spin dynamics in CMR manganites: ESR and magnetization
We have performed electron spin resonance (ESR) and dc susceptibility measurements in Mn perovskites up to 1000 K. Assuming an effective Heisenberg-like interaction forExpand
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High temperature magnetic properties of RNiO3
Abstract Measurements of DC susceptibility, χ(T), for RNiO3 with R=Gd, Y, and Lu were performed and compared with LaNiO3. In the metallic phase χ(T) evolves from a Pauli-like susceptibility (R=La) toExpand
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Evidence of strong antiferromagnetic coupling between localized and itinerant electrons in ferromagnetic Sr 2 FeMoO 6
Magnetic dc susceptibility $(\ensuremath{\chi})$ and electron-spin resonance (ESR) measurements in the paramagnetic regime, are presented. We found a Curie-Weiss behavior forExpand
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Structural Phase Diagram of Ca1−xYxMnO3: Characterization of Phases
Abstract To help the understanding of the physical behavior of Ca 1− x Y x MnO 3 , its phase diagram in the whole x concentration range was investigated taking into account the stability of phasesExpand
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Magnetism, resistivity and magnetoresistance in Ca1-xYxMnO3
We present magnetic and transport studies on the manganite Ca 1-x Y x MnO 3 (x ≤ 0.25). A small Y concentration produces an important decrease in the electrical resistivity and increases theExpand
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Two-phase field at high temperature in LaMnO3.00
High-temperature powder X-ray diffraction and magnetization measurements were performed on LaMnO 3.00 from room temperature up to 600°C. X-ray diffraction data show a transition from a distortedExpand
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EPR linewidths in La1-xCaxMnO3: 0?x?1
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Giant magnetoresistance in fine particle of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 synthesized at low temperatures
Using a sol‐gel method we have prepared monodispersive particles of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 in the range from 20 to 110 nm at temperatures from 540 to 1000 °C. A magnetoresistance above 10% was obtained inExpand
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Magnetocrystalline interactions in MnCr 2 O 4 spinel
In this work we present a magnetic, structural, and electron spin resonance (ESR) study of the geometrically frustrated ${\text{MnCr}}_{2}{\text{O}}_{4}$ spinel in an extended range of $T$Expand
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