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Versican is differentially expressed in human melanoma and may play a role in tumor development.
Undifferentiated human melanoma cell lines produce a large chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan, different from the well-known melanoma-specific proteoglycan mel-PG (Heredia and colleagues, Arch BiochemExpand
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Changes in glycosaminoglycan structure and composition of the main heparan sulphate proteoglycan from human colon carcinoma cells (perlecan) during cell differentiation.
Colon carcinoma cells provide a useful model to study the biochemical processes associated with cell differentiation. Undifferentiated HT29, differentiated HT29MTX(-3) and HT29MTX(-6), and Caco2Expand
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Expression of the proteoglycans versican and mel-CSPG in dysplastic nevi.
Nevi with architectural disorder and cytologic atypia of melanocytes (NAD) (also called dysplastic nevi) have been controversial with regard to their relationship with melanoma risk and to theirExpand
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