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Solid-state single-photon emitters
This Review summarizes recent progress of single-photon emitters based on defects in solids and highlights new research directions. The photophysical properties of single-photon emitters and effortsExpand
Quantum emission from hexagonal boron nitride monolayers
We demonstrate first room temperature, and ultrabright single photon emission from a color center in two-dimensional multilayer hexagonal boron nitride. Density Functional Theory calculationsExpand
Quantum emission from hexagonal boron nitride monolayers
It is shown that first room temperature, and ultrabright single photon emission from a color center in two-dimensional multilayer hexagonal boron nitride means that vacancy-related centers are a likely source of the emission. Expand
Robust multicolor single photon emission from point defects in hexagonal boron nitride
We demonstrates engineering of quantum emitters in hBN multi-layers using either electron beam irradiation or annealing. The defects exhibit a broad range of multicolor room-temperature single photonExpand
Continuum models of focused electron beam induced processing
Focused electron beam induced processing (FEBIP) is a suite of direct-write, high resolution techniques that enable fabrication and editing of nanostructured materials inside scanning electronExpand
Ambient Protection of Few-Layer Black Phosphorus via Sequestration of Reactive Oxygen Species.
Since BP undergoes similar photo-oxidative degradation, imidazolium-based ionic liquids are employed as quenchers of these damaging species on the BP surface, allowing BP to remain stable for over 13 weeks, while retaining its key electronic characteristics. Expand
Secondary electron contrast in low-vacuum/environmental scanning electron microscopy of dielectrics
Low vacuum scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is a high-resolution technique, with the ability to obtain secondary electron images of uncoated, nonconductive specimens. This feat is achieved byExpand
Initialization and read-out of intrinsic spin defects in a van der Waals crystal at room temperature
An ensemble of spins associated with an intrinsic defect of two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride is shown to be optically addressable, allowing spin polarization of its triplet ground state and providing evidence of spin coherence. Expand
Engineering and Tuning of Quantum Emitters in Few-Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride.
Chemical vapor deposition growth of large-area, few-layer hBN films that host large quantities of SPEs are demonstrated and tuning of the ZPL wavelength using ionic liquid devices over a spectral range of up to 15 nm-the largest obtained to date from any solid-state SPE. Expand
Quantification of electron-ion recombination in an electron-beam-irradiated gas capacitor
A model is developed for electron-ion recombination in a gas capacitor in which the cathode is irradiated simultaneously by an electron beam and a defocused flux of soft-landing ions, underExpand