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Quasihydrostatic equation of state of iron above 2 Mbar.
A formulation of the equation of state of iron over a large pressure and temperature range, based on the current data and existing shock-wave data, is proposed and implications for the Earth's core are discussed.
Recent developments in the ABINIT software package
Primary Black Hole Spin in OJ 287 as Determined by the General Relativity Centenary Flare
OJ 287 is a quasi-periodic quasar with roughly 12 year optical cycles. It displays prominent outbursts that are predictable in a binary black hole model. The model predicted a major optical outburst
Reproducibility in density functional theory calculations of solids
A procedure to assess the precision of DFT methods was devised and used to demonstrate reproducibility among many of the most widely used DFT codes, demonstrating that the precisionof DFT implementations can be determined, even in the absence of one absolute reference code.
First principles prediction of the metastability of the Ge2Mn phase and its synthesis pathways
In this letter, we performed first principles calculations to investigate the stability of a [100]-compatible Ge2Mn compound. Based on a thermodynamical approach, we propose and assess the C16