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Energy Efficiency in Telecom Optical Networks
Since the energy crisis and environmental protection are gaining increasing concerns in recent years, new research topics to devise technological solutions for energy conservation are beingExpand
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5G fronthaul-latency and jitter studies of CPRI over ethernet
Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) is a successful industry cooperation defining the publicly available specification for the key internal interface of radio base stations between the radioExpand
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On the Design of Energy-Efficient Mixed-Line-Rate (MLR) Optical Networks
With increasing energy consumption of the Internet, it is now imperative to design energy-efficient network architectures and protocols. Optical technologies have significant promise in improving theExpand
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Optical network design with mixed line rates and multiple modulation formats
We propose a design method for mixed-line-rate (MLR) optical networks with transceivers employing different modulation formats. Our results demonstrate the tradeoff between a transceiver's cost andExpand
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Building a Green Wireless-Optical Broadband Access Network (WOBAN)
Access networks consume a significant portion of overall Internet energy consumption. With the increase of bit-rate requirements in access networks, future-proof access technologies should be energyExpand
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Green Provisioning for Optical WDM Networks
Since the Internet consumes a large (and increasing) amount of energy, “green” strategies are desirable to help service providers (SP) operate their networks and provision services more energyExpand
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Energy optimization in IP-over-WDM networks
The energy crisis and environmental protection are gaining increasing concern in recent years. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has a significant impact on the total electricityExpand
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An Overview on Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Optical Networks
Today’s telecommunication networks have become sources of enormous amounts of widely heterogeneous data. This information can be retrieved from network traffic traces, network alarms, signal qualityExpand
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Energy efficient Traffic-Aware design of on-off Multi-Layer translucent optical networks
Efficiency in energy consumption is attracting greater and greater attention in recent years to the point that it is becoming one of the major constraints steering the evolution of our society. InExpand
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Greening the Optical Backbone Network: A Traffic Engineering Approach
Since telecom networks consume a large (and increasing) amount of energy, "green" strategies are desirable to help Service Providers (SP) operate their networks and provision services moreExpand
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