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Vitamin C deficiency and scurvy are not only a dietary problem but are codetermined by the haptoglobin polymorphism.
Findings should foster research investigating the role of Hp polymorphism in human disease, and in vitamin C deficiency and atherosclerosis in particular, and the classical view of vitamin C and scurvy being a pure nutritional condition needs to be updated.
Vitamin C deficiency: more than just a nutritional disorder
The Hp polymorphism is an important non-nutritional modifying factor in the pathogenesis of vitamin C deficiency and scurvy, which may explain the success of long-range human migration by the natural selection of some populations characterized by high Hp 1 allele frequencies.
Maritime Travel and the Question of Provisions and Scurvy in a Chinese Context
In the long course of human history people have always been on the move. In fact, human history is characterized by a seemingly incessant process of migration. Even when the settlement of certain
A Pure Mind in a Clean Body: Bodily Care in the Buddhist Monasteries of Ancient India and China
Buddhist monasteries, in both Ancient India and China, have played a crucial social role, for religious as well as for lay people. They rightfully attract the attention of many scholars, discussing
[Camptothecin and derivatives: a new class of antitumor agents].
Camptothecin (CPT), an alkaloid isolated from the stem wood and bark of Camptotheca acuminata native to China, was discovered in the early 60's after a systematic screening of natural products by the
[Phenolic components from Tussilago farfara (author's transl)].