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Three-dimensional finite elemental analysis of zygomatic implants in craniofacial structures.
An integrated system for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) data were utilized to create a three-dimensional model of craniofacial structures that provided details of anatomical structures in the regions of interest. Expand
Investigation of environmental factors for diagnosing malignant potential in oral epithelial dysplasia.
The results indicate that the association between the p53 mutation and histological changes in carcinogenesis epithelial dysplasia is strong, and that both the identification of p53- and Bcl-2-positive epithelium, and decrease in the TUNEL positive ratio, were useful for the diagnosis of the malignant potential of precancerous lesions. Expand
Factors affecting independence in eating among elderly with Alzheimer's disease
Investigation of the factors affecting self‐feeding in elderly patients with Alzheimer's disease found disturbed eating behavior is understood to be a core symptom or a behavioral and psychological symptom of dementia. Expand
Internal structure of zygomatic bone related to zygomatic fixture.
The present findings suggest that the presence of wider and thicker trabeculae at the end of the fixture promotes initial fixation and better understanding of the internal structure of the zygomatic bone will provide further information about the direction of installation of thezygomatic fixture, the ideal position of theZygomatic fixtures, and the prognosis of implant therapy. Expand
Carbon ion radiation therapy improves the prognosis of unresectable adult bone and soft-tissue sarcoma of the head and neck.
C-ionRT with 70.4 GyE/16 fr for bone and soft-tissue sarcoma of the adult head and neck appears to be effective with acceptable toxicities in comparison to conventional RT and C-ion RT with lower doses. Expand
Effect of cevimeline on radiation-induced salivary gland dysfunction and AQP5 in submandibular gland in mice.
It is suggested that pretreatment with cevimeline prevents radiation- induced xerostomia and radiation-induced decrease in expression of AQP5 in submandibular gland. Expand
Biomechanical three-dimensional finite-element analysis of maxillary prostheses with implants. Design of number and position of implants for maxillary prostheses after hemimaxillectomy.
The present study analyzed stress distributions in craniofacial structures around implant-supported maxillary prostheses. Using post-hemimaxillectomy computed tomography (CT) of a patient, theExpand
Isolation of oral epithelial progenitors using collagen IV.
It is suggested that rabbit oral epithelial cells could be isolated by depending on adhesiveness to collagen IV, especially when segregated according to progenitor cell properties. Expand
Study on internal structure of zygomatic bone using micro-finite element analysis model--differences between dentulous and edentulous dentition in Japanese cadavers.
The muFEA modeling revealed that the angle of the trabeculae at the Jugale in edentulous jaws was lower than that in dentulous jaws, which suggests that the internal structure of trabECulae is influenced by occlusal force in zygomatic bone from edENTulous jaws. Expand
Factor analysis on oral health care for acute hospitalized patients in Japan
Aim:  We conducted a survey to investigate the status regarding the implementation of oral health care for inpatients aged 65 years and older who were in the acute stages of stroke and to examine theExpand