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When Does It Take a Nixon to Go to China
Substantial policy changes, like market-oriented reforms by populist parties and steps towards peace by 'hawks,' are sometimes implemented by 'unlikely' parties. To account for such episodes, thisExpand
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The Politics of Policies: Economic and Social Progress in Latin America: 2006 Report
This report examines the quality of public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean after more than a decade of political and economic reform. A wide variety of examples and case studies areExpand
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The Politics of Federalism in Argentina and its Implications for Governance and Accountability
Please Accoun Summary. — This paper contributes to an agenda that views the effects of federalism and decentralization as dependent on the incentives of national and subnational political actors. ItExpand
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A Principal-Agent Building Block for the Study of Decentralization and Integration
The architecture of public decision making in the world is being changed through processes of "economic integration" and of "decentralization". Some policy decisions are now taken at a higher levelExpand
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The shock on human capital caused by COVID-19 is likely to have long lasting consequences, especially for children of low-educated families. Applying a counterfactual exercise we project the effectsExpand
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The new economics of human behavior: HEALTH, RELIGION, AND MASS BEHAVIOR
Introduction Kathryn Ierulli, Edward L. Glaeser and Mariano Tommasi Part I. Discrimination and Immigration: 1. The economics of discrimination: a primer Barry R. Chiswick 2. The economic analysis ofExpand
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The moderating effect of gender role on the relationships between gender and attitudes about body and eating in a sample of Italian adolescents
PurposeThe differential prevalence of eating disorders in males and females can be explained by the impact of gender-role orientations. Inside the Italian socio-cultural context, gender socializationExpand
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Political Institutions, Actors, and Arenas in Latin American Policymaking
In the past thirty years, democratic freedom and competitive electoral processes have taken hold as never before in Latin America. This document zeroes in (by way of summarizing the results of nineExpand
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Short and Long-Run Distributional Impacts of COVID-19 in Latin America
We simulate the short- and long-term distributional consequences of COVID-19 in the four largest Latin American economies: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. We show that the short-term impactExpand
Political Institutions and Street Protests in Latin America
This paper argues that where institutions are strong, actors are more likely to participate in the political process through institutionalized arenas, while where they are weak, protests and otherExpand