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Zero Phase Error Tracking Algorithm for Digital Control
A digital feedforward control algorithm for tracking desired time varying signals is presented. The feedforward controller cancels all the closed-loop poles and cancellable closed-loop zeros. ForExpand
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Adaptive robust control of SISO nonlinear systems in a semi-strict feedback form
This paper considers the adaptive robust control of a class SISO nonlinear systems in a semi-strict feedback form. The systems may possess both parametric uncertainties and unknown nonlinearExpand
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Fuzzy gain scheduling of PID controllers
This paper describes the development of a fuzzy gain scheduling scheme of PID controllers for process control. Fuzzy rules and reasoning are utilized online to determine the controller parametersExpand
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Contouring control of machine tool feed drive systems: a task coordinate frame approach
We show that contouring performance can be viewed as a regulation problem in a moving task coordinate frame that is attached to the desired contour. By transforming the machine tool feed driveExpand
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Control of Rotary Series Elastic Actuator for Ideal Force-Mode Actuation in Human–Robot Interaction Applications
To realize ideal force control of robots that interact with a human, a very precise actuating system with zero impedance is desired. For such applications, a rotary series elastic actuator (RSEA) hasExpand
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Automated vehicle control developments in the PATH program
The accomplishments to date on the development of automatic vehicle control technology in the Program on Advanced Technology for the Highway (PATH) at the University of California, Berkeley, areExpand
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Smooth Robust Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of Manipulators With Guaranteed Transient Performance
A systematic way to combine adaptive control and sliding mode control (SMC) for trajectory tracking of robot manipulators in the presence of parametric uncertainties and uncertain nonlinearities isExpand
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A Gait Monitoring System Based on Air Pressure Sensors Embedded in a Shoe
Measurement of ground contact forces (GCFs) provides necessary information to detect human gait phases. In this paper, a new analysis method of the GCF signals is discussed for detection of the gaitExpand
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