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Phenol removal using zero-valent iron powder in the presence of dissolved oxygen: roles of decomposition by the Fenton reaction and adsorption/precipitation.
The mechanism for removal of phenol by zero-valent iron (ZVI) was quantitatively evaluated in the presence of dissolved oxygen by varying the pH from 2 to 8.1 (natural). The measurement of OH radicalExpand
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Trace metal contamination in commercial fish and crustaceans collected from coastal area of Bangladesh and health risk assessment
Trace metals contamination in commercial fish and crustaceans have become a great problem in Bangladesh. This study was conducted to determine seven trace metals concentration (Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, As,Expand
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Hydroxyl radical concentration profile in photo-Fenton oxidation process: generation and consumption of hydroxyl radicals during the discoloration of azo-dye Orange II.
Dynamic behaviors of hydroxyl (OH) radical generation and consumption in photo-Fenton oxidation process were investigated by measuring OH radical concentration during the discoloration of azo-dyeExpand
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UV light assisted decolorization of dark brown colored coffee effluent by photo-Fenton reaction.
The photochemical decolorization of coffee effluent has been examined by photo-Fenton (UV/Fe2+/H2O2) process. Effects of UV light intensity, initial coffee concentration, iron dose and H2O2 dose onExpand
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Spatial distribution and importance of potential perfluoroalkyl acid precursors in urban rivers and sewage treatment plant effluent--case study of Tama River, Japan.
Production and use of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) is regulated worldwide. However, numerous potential precursors that eventually decompose into PFOS and other perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) suchExpand
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Decolorization of dark brown colored coffee effluent by solar photo-Fenton reaction: effect of solar light dose on decolorization kinetics.
The decolorization of dark brown colored coffee effluent by solar photo-Fenton process has been studied. Effects of accumulated solar light energy and dosage of Fenton reagents (iron and hydrogenExpand
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Removal of VOCs in waste gas by the photo‐Fenton reaction: effects of dosage of Fenton reagents on degradation of toluene gas in a bubble column
BACKGROUND Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are major pollutants in the atmosphere of all urban and industrial areas, and the development of an effective treatment process for VOCs is highlyExpand
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Photo-Fenton process for excess sludge disintegration
For the minimization of excess sludge in activated sludge process, the photo-Fenton reaction was applied as a novel technique and its effectiveness was experimentally examined. A batch study wasExpand
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Comprehensive study on effects of water matrices on removal of pharmaceuticals by three different kinds of advanced oxidation processes.
Simple semi-theoretical models were developed to estimate the performance of three different kinds of advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) in the degradation of pharmaceuticals. The AOPs included theExpand
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Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Ozonation in a Semibatch Bubble Column Reactor: Decolorization and Mineralization of Azo Dye Orange II by Ozone
Ozone decolorization and mineralization of azo dye Orange II were examined. In order to elucidate the dynamics of the oxidation process by ozone, the rate-based model consisting of the rates ofExpand
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