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Species Coexistence: Ecological and Evolutionary Perspectives
Introduction: conceptual threads Origination: the basis of coexistence Origination and evolution of communities Patterns of species richness: temporal dimension Patterns of species richness: spatialExpand
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Species Abundance Patterns and Community Structure
I. Summary Despite the fact that a substantial research effort has been directed at the analysis of species abundance patterns over the years, there are many important issues which are notExpand
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Influences of habitat complexity on the diversity and abundance of epiphytic invertebrates on plants
SUMMARY 1. The compound influence of habitat complexity and patch size on stream invertebrate assemblages associated with submerged macrophytes was investigated through field sampling of two naturalExpand
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Life cycles and population dynamics
As insects belonging to the Endopterygota (or Holometabola), the life cycle of Chironomidae is divided into four distinct stages, i.e. egg, larva, pupa and imago. Notwithstanding the large number ofExpand
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Dynamics of distribution in animal communities: Theory and analysis
  • M. Tokeshi
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  • 1 December 1992
Theoretical and analytical problems of the dynamics of distribution and abundance in animal communities were examined. In many communities, species with low abundance and of limited spatialExpand
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Habitat complexity in aquatic systems: fractals and beyond
Despite the intensity with which ecological information involving habitat complexity has been amassed to date, much remains to be revealed for a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics andExpand
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Reproduction and recruitment of scleractinian corals in a high-latitude coral community, Amakusa, southwestern Japan
Reproduction and recruitment in high-latitude coral populations in Japan have been little studied. A comprehensive study of the reproduction and early life history was conducted on nine commonExpand
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Power fraction: A new explanation of relative abundance patterns in species-rich assemblages
Analysis of species abundance patterns in assemblages with relatively large number of species has been an important issue in community ecology for several decades. Following Preston's pioneeringExpand
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Experimental analysis of recruitment in a scleractinian coral at high latitude
A set of field experiments were conducted to determine the patterns of dispersal and recruitment in the brooding scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis at high-latitude (32° N), tem- perateExpand
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