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Definition of standard ML
This book provides a formal definition of Standard ML for the benefit of all concerned with the language, including users and implementers, and the authors have defined their semantic objects in mathematical notation that is completely independent of StandardML. Expand
Region-based Memory Management
A region-based dynamic semantics for a skeletal programming language extracted from Standard ML is defined and the inference system which specifies where regions can be allocated and de-allocated is presented and a detailed proof that the system is sound with respect to a standard semantics is presented. Expand
Implementation of the typed call-by-value λ-calculus using a stack of regions
The translation is proved correct with respect to a store semantics, which models as a region-based run-time system for polymorphically typed call-by-value λ-calculus. Expand
The Definition of Standard ML (Revised)
Part 1 Syntax of the core: reserved words special constants comments identifiers lexical analysis infixed operators derived forms grammar syntactic restrictions. Part 2 Syntax of modules: reservedExpand
Type Inference for Polymorphic References
  • M. Tofte
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Inf. Comput.
  • 1 September 1990
A modified type inference system is presented and it is proved its soundness using operational semantics that it is decidable whether, given an expression e, any type can be inferred for e. Expand
Co-Induction in Relational Semantics
It is shown how an important proof method, which is a variant of Park's (1969) principle of fixpoint induction, can be used to prove the consistency of the static and the dynamic relational semantics of a small functional programming language with recursive functions. Expand
Commentary on standard ML
This companion volume explains in depth the meaning, or semantic theory, of ML. Expand
From region inference to von Neumann machines via region representation inference
This paper is concerned with mapping the mathematical model of region inference onto real machines by composing region inference with Region Representation Inference, which gradually refines region information till it is directly implementable on conventional von Neumann machines. Expand
Proof, language, and interaction: essays in honour of Robin Milner
This collection of original essays reflects the breadth of current research in computer science. Robin Milner, a major figure in the field, has made many fundamental contributions, particularly inExpand