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The mandibular lingual foramen: a consistent arterial foramen in the middle of the mandible.
The lingual foramen in the midline of the mandible causes confusion in terminology, incidence of occurrence and contents. A survey of 314 dried mandibles showed the foramen to be present in 311Expand
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Effects of sophistication and motivation on the detection of malingered memory performance using a computerized forced-choice task.
The present study employed a computerized forced-choice recognition memory task, the Multi-Digit Memory Test (MDMT), to examine the effects of instructional set (i.e., dissimulation informationExpand
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Efficacy and specificity of pharmacological therapies for behavioral disorders in persons with mental retardation.
This review assesses the efficacy and specificity of psychotropic medications used to control aberrant behavior in persons with mental retardation. It is concluded that neuroleptics, the most widelyExpand
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Osmotic Balance in Littorina littorea, L. littoralis, and L. saxatilis (Littorinidae)
  • M. Todd
  • Biology
  • Physiological Zoology
  • 1 January 1964
T HREE species of the Littorinidae, Littorina littorea (L.), L. littoralis (L.) and L. saxatilis (Olivi), while they have different ecological habitats, occupy regions with a wide range of salinityExpand
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Trophic Interactions between Rat Nerves and Blood Vessels in Denervated Peripheral Arteries and in Anterior Eye Chamber Transplants
  • M. Todd
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Circulation research
  • 1 May 1986
This investigation was undertaken to examine trophic interrelationships between nerves and arteries in male Wistar rats. Two approaches were used. (1) Surgical denervation of two peripheral muscularExpand
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Development of adrenergic innervation in rat peripheral vessels: a fluorescence microscopic study.
  • M. Todd
  • Medicine
  • Journal of anatomy
  • 1980
The postnatal development of adrenergic innervation was followed in peripheral blood vessels of Wistar rats. The femoral vessels and their branches, the superficial epigastric and saphenous vessels,Expand
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Laboratory observations and clinical implications of monitoring the effect of heparin by bioassay.
Laboratory and clinical experience in the monitoring of circulating heparin concentration of bioassay shows that the whole blood clotting time and the activated partial thromboplastin time differ inExpand
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An ultrastructural investigation of developing vasomotor innervation in rat peripheral vessels.
  • M. Todd, M. Tokito
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The American journal of anatomy
  • 1 February 1981
The developing innervation was investigated in three muscular peripheral arteries from male Wistar rats. These were the superficial epigastric and saphenous arteries, branching from the femoralExpand
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Fructose loading induces cardiovascular and metabolic changes in nondiabetic and diabetic rats.
The effects of fructose loading on the integrated cardiovascular function in vivo, glycemic control, glucose tolerance, and plasma lipid levels in nondiabetic and streptozotocin (STZ) diabetic ratsExpand
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Studies on Water in Barnacle Muscle Fibres II. Role of ions and Organic Solutes in Swelling of Chemically-skinned Fibres
Single muscle fibres from the giant barnacle, Balanus nubilis , were chemically skinned (2% Tween 20), then equilibrated for 40 h in salt solutions ranging in ionic strength from 0·025 to 0·6M at pHExpand
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