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Plutonic foundation of a slow‐spreading ridge segment: Oceanic core complex at Kane Megamullion, 23°30′N, 45°20′W
[1] We mapped the Kane megamullion, an oceanic core complex on the west flank of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge exposing the plutonic foundation of a ∼50 km long, second-order ridge segment. The complex was
Deep-sea mining of seafloor massive sulfides
The potential emergence of an ocean mining industry to exploit seafloor massive sulfides could present opportunities for oceanographic science to facilitate seafloor mineral development in ways that
Geomagnetic polarity reversal model of deep-tow profiles from the Pacific Jurassic Quiet Zone
The Jurassic magnetic "Quiet Zone" (JQZ) contains magnetic lineations, but their low amplitudes make correlation and interpretation difficult. Part of the problem is the separation of source and
A near‐bottom magnetic survey of the Mid‐Atlantic Ridge axis at 26°N: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the TAG segment
[1] An extensive deep-tow magnetic survey of the TAG ridge segment on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge reveals new information about the relationship between the magnetic anomaly field and the TAG hydrothermal
Magnetic polarity structure of the lower oceanic crust
A newly developed rock drill was used to take the first fully oriented samples from in-situ gabbros exposed on Atlantis Bank, which formed 11 m.y. ago on the Southwest Indian Ridge (SWIR). These
Crustal magnetization reveals subsurface structure of Juan de Fuca Ridge hydrothermal vent fields
A near-bottom geophysical survey on the Endeavour segment of the northern Juan de Fuca Ridge shows that regions of well-defined low crustal magnetization are strongly correlated with both active and
Central anomaly magnetization high: constraints on the volcanic construction and architecture of seismic layer 2A at a fast-spreading mid-ocean ridge, the EPR at 9°30′–50′N
Abstract The central anomaly magnetization high (CAMH) is a zone of high crustal magnetization centered on the axis of the East Pacific Rise (EPR) and many other segments of the global mid-ocean
Fine‐scale magnetic anomaly field over the southern Juan de Fuca Ridge: Axial magnetization low and implications for crustal structure
Sea surface, deep tow, and submersible magnetic surveys show that the spreading axis of the Cleft segment of the southern Juan de Fuca Ridge (SJDF) is overlain by a distinctive magnetic anomaly low
An integrated, underwater optical /acoustic communications system
Communication underwater is severely limited when compared to communications in air because water is essentially opaque to electromagnetic radiation except in the visible band. Even in the visible
Observation of sections of oceanic crust and mantle cropping out on the southern wall of Kane FZ (N. Atlantic)
The objective of the 20 Nautile dives of the recent Kanaut cruise was to study the southern wall of the Kane Fracture Zone from its eastern intersection with the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) to 5 Myr in