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Checklist della malacofauna delle Isole Tremiti (Medio Adriatico)
The results prove the high diversity of the marine molluscan fauna occurring in Tremiti Islands, with a total of 403 species, of which 6 polyplacophors, 284 gastropods, 111 bivalves, 1 scaphopod, 1 cephalopod are new to the Adriatic Sea.
Una nuova specie di Gibberula (Gastropoda: Cystiscidae) per il Mediterraneo
EnglishGibberula cristinae n. sp. is described from Scilla (Reggio Calabria) and others localities off Sicily. The new species has an ovoidal shape with a saddle near the suture, blunt apex with an
Descrizione di Turbonilla flaianoi n. sp. per il Mare Adriatico
A re-examination of an uncommon pyramidellid found in the Adriatic Sea, previously ascribed to Chrysallida fischeri, is concluded that these specimens belong to a new species, Turbonilla flaianoi n.
Considerazioni su lepton subtrigonum fischer, de folin & p6rier ex jeffreys ms., 1873 e lepton lacerum fischer, de folin & mrier ex jeffreys ms., 1873 (Bivalvia: leptonidae)
The analysis of three different thanatocoenoses from the North and the Middle Adriatic Sea lead to the finding of three loose valves and one complete specimen of a species that the AA ascribed to Lepton subtrigonum Fischer, de Folin & Perier ex Jeffreys ms.
Melanella compactilis (Locard, 1892 ex Monterosato m.s.), una specie poco nota (Gastropoda, Eulimidae).
EnglishIn this work, the eulimid Melanella compactilis (Locard, 1892 ex Monterosato m.s.) is re-examined. This species is listed in many Mediterranean checklists as M. compactilis (Monterosato,