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Weibull Analysis of Mechanical Data for Castings: A Guide to the Interpretation of Probability Plots
The Weibull statistics used in the analysis of mechanical data from castings are reviewed. The insight that can be gained from the three-parameter analysis is introduced, and in particular, theExpand
Review of effect of P and Sr on modification and porosity development in Al–Si alloys
Abstract The benefits of Sr additions to Al–Si alloys to modify the eutectic are often impaired by the development of porosity, sometimes to the degree that benefits are negated. Experimental reportsExpand
On estimating Weibull modulus by the linear regression method
AbstractStatistical models were developed to estimate the bias of the shape parameter of a 2-parameter Weibull distribution where the shape parameter was estimated using a linear regression. TheseExpand
The Effect of Fe-Rich Intermetallics on the Weibull Distribution of Tensile Properties in a Cast Al-5 Pct Si-3 Pct Cu-1 Pct Fe-0.3 Pct Mg Alloy
A comparison was made between the tensile properties of an Al-5 pct Si-3 pct Cu-1 pct Fe-0.3 pct Mg (319-type) alloy in the as-cast condition. The alloy was either unmodified or modified with Mn orExpand
Quality Index for Aluminum Alloy Castings
Tensile testing along with nondestructive methods has been traditionally used to assess the quality of cast Al alloys. However, clear guidelines on what remedial steps can be taken in case of lowExpand
Quality Indices for Aluminum Alloy Castings: A Critical Review
Several indices are available in the literature to assess the structural quality of cast Al alloys, especially Al-7 pct Si-Mg alloys that are based on tensile test results. Some of these indices,Expand
On comparing the shape parameters of two Weibull distributions
Abstract Probability estimators developed previously by the authors have been used to compare unbiased estimates of the shape parameters (Weibull modulus) from two distributions by the linearExpand
Quench Sensitivity of an Al-7 Pct Si-0.6 Pct Mg Alloy: Characterization and Modeling
The quench sensitivity of a cast Al-7 wt pct Si-0.6 wt pct Mg alloy was characterized by tensile tests and scanning electron microscopy. Specimens were cooled from the solution treatment temperatureExpand
On estimating the fracture stress and elongation of Al–7%Si–0.3%Mg alloy castings with single pores
Abstract An elastic–plastic fracture-mechanics approach was followed to estimate the fracture stress of Al–7%Si–0.3%Mg alloy castings as a function of size and shape of pores in castings, by using aExpand
Relationship between Defect Size and Fatigue Life Distributions in Al-7 Pct Si-Mg Alloy Castings
A new method for predicting the variability in fatigue life of castings was developed by combining the size distribution for the fatigue-initiating defects and a fatigue life model based on theExpand