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Paediatric coblation tonsillectomy.
This new technique using tissue coblation for tonsil removal offers significant advantages in the post-operative period, with rapid return to a normal diet and a drastic reduction in analgesic requirements following the surgery. Expand
Coblation tonsillectomy versus dissection tonsillectomy: Postoperative hemorrhage
The new technique using tissue coblation for tonsil dissection offers significant advantages in the postoperative period compared with dissection tonsillectomy with bipolar diathermy hemostasis, and is promoted as the authors' preferred dissection method. Expand
Randomized controlled trial comparing Merocel® and RapidRhino® packing in the management of anterior epistaxis *
Objectives:  A prospective non‐blinded randomized controlled trial to compare the efficacy of Merocel® and RapidRhino® nasal packs in the treatment of anterior epistaxis.
Association of supraglottic and gingival idiopathic plasmacytosis.
  • M. Timms, P. Sloan
  • Medicine
  • Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology
  • 1 April 1991
Three cases of gingival plasmacytosis in which laryngeal symptoms eventually developed are reported, and known etiologic factors associated with plasma cell gingivitis were excluded. Expand
Postoperative morbidity and histopathologic characteristics of tonsillar tissue following coblation tonsillectomy in children: a prospective randomized single-blind study.
For the first time, postoperative morbidity and thermal tissue damage are correlated: less thermal damage is associated with less postoperatively morbidity. Expand
Superior mediastinal and internal jugular venous thrombosis presenting to the otolaryngologist
Different imaging techniques such as ultrasound, computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and venogram, will produce a diagnosis of thrombosis, occasionally with a mass, but only a biopsy will confirm or rule-out malignancy. Expand
Coblation tonsillectomy: a double blind randomized controlled study
A significant reduction in post-operative pain and more rapid healing of the tonsillar fossae were found in the side removed by tissue coblation, and this new technique for tonsil removal warrants further study. Expand
Endoscopic Stapling Diverticulotomy: An Audit of Difficulties, Outcome, and Patient Satisfaction
Endoscopic stapling diverticulotomy offers rapid recovery in most patients, with early oral intake and short hospital stay, and there is a high degree of symptoms relief, and the patient's satisfaction rate is high. Expand
How we do it: Switching from mechanical perforation to the CO2 laser; audit results of primary small‐fenestra stapedotomy in a district general hospital
• The use of laser for stapedotomy was introduced in our department in the year 2002, and since then has taken over the mechanical technique.