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Introduction to Physical Modeling with Modelica
This chapter discusses Modelica, the Modelica Language, and its applications, which include building and Connecting Components, enabling Reuse, and Exploring Nonlinear Behavior.
A comparison of different methods for battery and supercapacitor modeling
In future vehicles (e.g. fuel cell vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles), the electrical system will have an important impact on the mechanical systems in the car (e.g. powertrain, steering).
Update on Small Modular Reactors Dynamic System Modeling Tool: Web Application
The release of the first beta version of the web-based application for model use and collaboration, as well as an update on the FHR model are released.
Update on Small Modular Reactors Dynamics System Modeling Tool -- Molten Salt Cooled Architecture
The Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Dynamic System Modeling Tool project is in the third year of development, and the combined simulation environment and suite of models are identified as the Modular Dynamic SIMulation (MoDSIM) tool.
Monte Carlo Simulations for Evaluating Engine NVH Robustness
This paper describes the use of a designoriented engine cycle simulation model in Modelica for evaluating robustness of engine NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) to noise factors. This paper
Development of a Vehicle Model Architecture in Modelica
This paper will focus on an initial proposal for a vehicle model architecture for vehicle system applications and hopes that feedback on this proposal from other groups doing vehicle modeling will lead to a consensus on the appropriate subsystem interfaces such that it can achieve the same level of flexibility and reusability for vehicle subsystem models that the authors currently have with component level models.
Feasibility of Detailed Vehicle Modeling
A feasibility study is presented concerning detailed vehicle modeling, including submodels for engine, transmission mechanics and hydraulics, as well as three-dimensional chassis behavior. The study
Economical Analysis of Complex Heating and Cooling Systems with the Simulation Tool HKSim
Dynamic simulations of energy systems are essential when it comes to transient analysis and design of complex plants. Besides the choice of efficient subcomponents, like boilers, pumps or chillers,
Dynamic Modeling of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors using MoDSim
This toolchain fulfills the Department of energy project scope goal of developing a tool “in a common and familiar environment to support a range of research activities requiring dynamic behavior simulation, modeling tools with easily re-configurable modules that redu ce data input to typically available system level plan t data”.