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Phylogenetic relationships and taxonomy of subfamily Zygophylloideae (Zygophyllaceae) based on molecular and morphological data
Abstract.Phylogenetic analysis of noncoding trnL plastid DNA sequences and morphological data for 43 species of Zygophylloideae, representing most of the morphological and geographical variation inExpand
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Vigna (Leguminosae) sensu lato: the names and identities of the American segregate genera.
PREMISE OF STUDY The legume genus Vigna and close relatives have highly elaborated floral morphologies that involve the coiling, bending, and intricate connection of flower parts. Banners, levers,Expand
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Family relationships of the enigmatic rosid generaBarbeya andDirachma from the Horn of Africa region
Barbeya is a monotypic genus in the Horn of Africa and adjacent parts of Arabia. It is usually treated as the familyBarbeyaceae and regarded as an aberrant member ofUrticales. Dirachma, with oneExpand
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Phylogeny of the tribe Antirrhineae (Scrophulariaceae) based on morphological andndhF sequence data
Phylogenetic relationships within the tribe Antirrhineae (Scrophulariaceae) are analysed and discussed on the basis of parsimony analyses of morphological andndhF gene sequence data. The resultsExpand
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A New Classification of the Dictyostelids.
Traditional morphology-based taxonomy of dictyostelids is rejected by molecular phylogeny. A new classification is presented based on monophyletic entities with consistent and strong molecularExpand
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Polyphyly of Polycarpon (Caryophyllaceae) inferred from DNA sequence data
A phylogenetic study of the genus Polycarpon was made using DNA sequence data from the chloroplast rpsl6 intron and nuclear RPB2 regions. Polycarpon as currently recognised is shown to beExpand
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Phylogeny and generic delimitation in Molluginaceae, new pigment data in Caryophyllales, and the new family Corbichoniaceae
The circumscription of Molluginaceae has changed radically in recent years, with Corbichonia being moved to Lophiocarpaceae, Limeum to Limeaceae, Macarthuria to Macarthuriaceae and all species of HExpand
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Relationships of cucumbers and melons unraveled: molecular phylogenetics of Cucumis and related genera (Benincaseae, Cucurbitaceae).
Cucumis (Cucurbitaceae) comprises 33 species of annuals and perennials with a major native center of diversity in tropical and southern Africa. The genus includes some economically important andExpand
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Paraphyly of Paederieae, recognition of Putorieae and expansion of Plocama (Rubiaceae-Rubioideae)
This thesis deals with phylogenetic relationships at different taxonomic levels. All the plants studied are or have been included in the order Gentianales, which comprises about 17 200 species. TheExpand
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Ten new species of Commiphora (Burseraceae) from Somalia
The following new species are described: Commiphora arenaria from bushland on sand in south-central Somalia, C. gardoensis from limestone slopes in the Qardho area in north-eastern Somalia, C.Expand
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