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The driving of the plasma sheet by the solar wind
The coupling of the plasma sheet to the solar wind is studied statistically using measurements from various satellite pairs: one satellite in the solar wind and one in either the magnetotail centralExpand
The Earth's plasma sheet as a laboratory for flow turbulence in high-β MHD
The bulk flows and magnetic-field fluctuations of the plasma sheet are investigated using single-point measurements from the ISEE-2 Fast Plasma Experiment and fluxgate magnetometer. TenExpand
Conditions for the formation of hot flow anomalies at Earth's bow shock
Hot flow anomalies (HFAs) result from the interaction of an interplanetary current sheet with Earth's bow shock and were discovered over a decade and a half ago. The deflected flow and hot interiorExpand
Survey of ion plasma parameters in Saturn's magnetosphere
[1] A survey of the bulk plasma ion properties observed by the Cassini Plasma Spectrometer instrument over roughly the first 4.5 years of its mission in orbit around Saturn is presented. The momentsExpand
Dominant role of the asymmetric ring current in producing the stormtime
Three storms are examined to determine the contribution to the Dst* index from the symmetric and asymmetric (partial) components of the ring current. The storms (September 24–25, 1998, October 18–19,Expand
Observations of reconnection of interplanetary and lobe magnetic field lines at the high‐latitude magnetopause
Measurements made with the Fast Plasma Experiment on ISEE 2 in the vicinity of the high-latitude, dusk magnetopause near the terminator plane, at a time when the local magnetosheath and tail lobeExpand
Cassini plasma spectrometer thermal ion measurements in Saturn's inner magnetosphere
represented by two anisotropic Maxwellian distributed species, H + and a water group ion, W + . Saturn’s magnetospheric plasma is shown to subcorotate by 15–30% below rigid corotation within thisExpand
The superdense plasma sheet: Plasmaspheric origin, solar wind origin, or ionospheric origin?
A few times per month, the density of the plasma sheet is several times higher than its usual density. Such superdense plasma sheet intervals are observed both in the midtail region and atExpand
Magnetospheric plasma analyzer for spacecraft with constrained resources
A light‐weight, low‐power, plasma analyzer is described that can be used for measuring the plasma environments of spacecraft with constrained resources. A unique system using a single electrostaticExpand
Plasma flow reversals at the dayside magnetopause and the origin of asymmetric polar cap convection
A number of events have been observed in the Los Alamos/Garching fast plasma experiment data from ISEE 2 within ±3 hours of noon wherein the y component of the plasma flow within the low latitudeExpand