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Functional relationship of thyroid hormone-induced lipogenesis, lipolysis, and thermogenesis in the rat.
Metabolic balance studies were carried out to determine the interrelationships of thyroid hormone-induced lipogenesis, lipolysis, and energy balance in the free-living rat. Intraperitoneal doses ofExpand
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Genetic Polymorphism in Caseins of Cow's Milk. III. Isolation and Properties of αs1-Caseins A, B, and C
Summary A convenient method is presented for obtaining the genetic variants of β -casein of high purity utilizing DEAE-cellulose chromatography in the presence of 3.3 m urea as a dissociating agent.Expand
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The effect of thyroid hormone on size of fat depots accounts for most of the changes in leptin mRNA and serum levels in the rat.
The physiological consequences and mechanism(s) for thyroid hormone-induced alterations in serum leptin are not known. To address this, leptin expression in rats was evaluated in relationship to foodExpand
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Characteristics of High-Melting Triglyceride Fractions from the Fat-Globule Membrane and Butter Oil of Bovine Milk
Summary A high-melting triglyceride fraction (HMGF) was isolated from an alcohol-ether extract of the fat-globule membrane and from an ethanol extract of butter oil. The HMGF was characterized by itsExpand
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κ-Casein—β-Lactoglobulin Interaction in Solution When Heated
Summary Heating a mixture (0.5% of each) of β -lactoglobulin and κ -casein at pH 7 at 90C 15min led to interaction between the two proteins. Electrophoresis at pH 2.1 showed that, before heating, theExpand
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Solubility Solvation, and Stabilization of αs1 - and β-Caseins
Abstract α s1 -Casein has been observed to differ from α s1 -B by its solubility in CaCl 2 solutions at 1 and 37C, and by its stabilization profile in the presence of κ-casein and calcium ions. TheExpand
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Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of Caseins with Reverse‐Phase and Anion‐Exchange HPLC
Whole native caseinate (WNC) and casein (CN) fractions from preparative DE-52 cellulose urea columns were chromatographed using C-8 reverse-phase (RP) and DEAE-type anion-exchange (AEx) HPLC systems.Expand
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Characteristics of Several Minor-Protein Fractions Isolated from Bovine Milk
Summary Four minor-protein fractions were isolated from the same source of skimmilk by methods similar to those reported by Rowland for proteose-peptone, by Aschaffenberg for σ -proteose, by JennessExpand
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Cheddar and cheshire cheese rheology
Abstract Textural differences between Cheddar and Cheshire cheeses were examined rheologically to provide a means of distinguishing these two English cheeses. Body breakdown of a 60-wk CheshireExpand
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Three lots each of conventional Cheddar and hydrolyzed lactose Cheddar cheese (HLCC) were analyzed for free ammo acid content and examined for texture properties at 28day intervals during anExpand
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