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Race and the Accumulation of Human Capital across the Career: A Theoretical Model and Fixed‐Effects Application1
The authors develop an explicitly sociological variant on human capital theory, emphasizing that most human capital acquisition is a social product, not an individual investment decision. The authorsExpand
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The study analyzes the determinants of satisfaction for blacks and whites with data from the Quality of American Life survey conducted in 1971 and replicated in 1978. A domain satisfaction scale isExpand
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Characterization of transient noise in Advanced LIGO relevant to gravitational wave signal GW150914.
On September 14, 2015, a gravitational wave signal from a coalescing black hole binary system was observed by the Advanced LIGO detectors. This paper describes the transient noise backgrounds used toExpand
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In this article, we consider the continuation of race gender stereotypes in advertising images by way of the product's suggestive messages, specifically, connotations of higher or lower social statusExpand
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The continuing significance of race revisited : A study of race, class, and quality of life in America, 1972 to 1996
More than a decade ago, we (Thomas and Hughes 1986) demonstrated that the subjective well-being of African Americans in the United States was significantly and consistently lower than that for whitesExpand
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Race, Class, and Personal Income: An Empirical Test of the Declining Significance of Race Thesis, 1968-1988
This paper is an empirical test of the “declining significance of race” interpretation of the situation of blacks in the United States. Wilson (1980) argued that class has superseded race as the mostExpand
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Anything But Race : The Social Science Retreat From Racism
African American continue to occupy a disadvantaged position in the U. S. While historically, most social scientists emphasize the role that contemporary and historic racism has played in creatingExpand
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Race, Class, and Family Structure: Differences in Housing Values for Black and White Homeowners
Several scholars have argued that the continuing disadvantage of the black vis-a-vis the white people has more to do with social class factors than with race. Other scholars have suggested thatExpand
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Does race matter? The determinants and consequences of self-reports of discrimination victimization
Abstract Few empirical investigations have explored the determinants of discrimination. Even more rare are studies that explicitly link reports of discrimination to harmful consequences. This articleExpand
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Modifications to a common phosphorylation network provide individualized control in caspases
Caspase-3 activation and function have been well-defined during programmed cell death, but caspase activity, at low levels, is also required for developmental processes such as lymphoid proliferationExpand
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