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Toxic and Phototoxic Properties of the Protozoan Pigments Blepharismin and Oxyblepharismin *
Abstract— The toxic and phototoxic properties of blepharismin and oxyblepharismin that were purified from the pigments of a ciliated protozoan, Blepharisma japonicum, by thin‐layer chromatography,Expand
Defense Function of Pigment Granules in the Ciliate Blepharisma japonicum against Two Predatory Protists,Amoeba proteus (Rhizopodea) and Climacostomum virens (Ciliata)
Abstract The defense function of pigment granules in the red ciliate Blepharisma japonicum against two predatory protists, Amoeba proteus and Climacostomum virens, was investigated by (1) comparingExpand
Climacostol, a defense toxin of Climacostomum virens (protozoa, ciliata), and its congeners
Climacostol (1), a defense toxin of the heterotrich ciliate Climacostomum virens was established as 5-(Z)-non-2-enyl-benzene-1,3-diol. The structure was rigorously confirmed by the total synthesis.Expand
Climacostol, a defense toxin of the heterotrich ciliate Climacostomum virens against predators
Abstract A toxic substance (climacostol) of the protozoan ciliate Climacostomum virens against the predatory ciliate Dileptus margaritifer was established as 1,3-dihydoxy-5-[(Z)-2′-nonenyl]benzene.Expand
Effect of Persimmon Wine Residue as a Dietary Supplement on the Fatty Acid Composition and Sensory Traits of Cultured Ayu Fish
Hiroyuki Yamazawa, Tomonori Kuwada, Kazuko Yamazawa , Masayo Terazima and Yoshinori Nozawa 1 Faculty of Health and Welfare, Tokai Gakuin University, 5-68 Naka-kirino, Kakamigahara, Gifu 504-8511 2Expand