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Chiral Brønsted acid-catalyzed direct Mannich reactions via electrophilic activation.
It was found that the phosphoric acid derivatives of general structure 1 serve as highly effective catalysts for the direct addition of acetyl acetone to N-Boc-protected arylimines. The beneficialExpand
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Dendritic Cell Maturation Overrules H-2d–Mediated Natural Killer T (Nkt) Cell Inhibition
Given the broad expression of H-2 class Ib molecules on hematopoietic cells, antigen presentation pathways among CD1d expressing cells might tightly regulate CD1d-restricted natural killer T (NKT)Expand
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Axially chiral guanidine as enantioselective base catalyst for 1,4-addition reaction of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds with conjugated nitroalkenes.
A new strategy for designing chiral guanidine molecules is presented, which features the introduction of an axially chiral binaphthyl backbone. The axially chiral guanidine catalysts thus developedExpand
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Highly Enantioselective Palladium-Catalyzed Ene-Type Cyclization of a 1,6-Enyne.
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Binaphthol-derived phosphoric acid as a versatile catalyst for enantioselective carbon-carbon bond forming reactions.
  • M. Terada
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  • 18 August 2008
Binaphthol-derived monophosphoric acids have been designed as novel chiral Brønsted-acid catalysts. The chiral phosphoric acids thus developed function as efficient enantioselective catalysts for aExpand
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Organocatalytic asymmetric aza-Friedel-Crafts alkylation of furan.
A new asymmetric entry of the 1,2-aza-Friedel-Crafts reaction catalyzed by a chiral phosphoric acid is described. The present reaction has provided an atom-economical route to furan-2-ylamineExpand
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Enantioselective friedel-crafts reaction of electron-rich alkenes catalyzed by chiral Brønsted acid.
We present the first enantioselective catalysis of the Friedel−Crafts reaction via activation of electron-rich multiple bonds by a chiral Bronsted acid. The reaction of various indole derivativesExpand
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Chiral Phosphoric Acids as Versatile Catalysts for Enantioselective Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions
An inventive approach to the development of chiral Bronsted acid catalysis, to enable catalysts which possess strong acid functionalities, has been accomplished. Among the various organic BronstedExpand
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Axially chiral guanidine as highly active and enantioselective catalyst for electrophilic amination of unsymmetrically substituted 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds.
A newly designed axially chiral guanidine is found to function as an effective platform for asymmetric induction at the alpha-carbon of unsymmetrically substituted 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds. HighlyExpand
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