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Molecular and Morphological Supertrees for Eutherian (Placental) Mammals
A large body of diverse comparative data now exists for a major phylogenetic synthesis of the higher-level relationships among eutherian (placental) mammals. We present such a phylogenetic synthesisExpand
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DNA systematics and evolution of the artiodactyl family Bovidae.
Nine additional sequences from representatives of different tribes of the family Bovidae were combined with six published artiodactyl sequences to provide orthologous mtDNA for investigation of bovidExpand
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National study of information seeking behavior of academic researchers in the United States
As new technologies and information delivery systems emerge, the way in which individuals search for information to support research, teaching, and creative activities is changing. To understandExpand
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Molecular systematics of higher primates: genealogical relations and classification.
We obtained 5' and 3' flanking sequences (5.4 kilobase pairs) from the psi eta-globin gene region of the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) and combined them with available nucleotide data. TheExpand
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Development and Assessment of Specialized Liaison Librarian Services
Abstract In 1998, the University of Florida Health Science Center Libraries (HSCL) developed and implemented a Liaison Librarian Program, dedicated to providing customized, subject-specific servicesExpand
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Evaluation of a liaison librarian program: client and liaison perspectives.
OBJECTIVES This paper describes a survey-based evaluation of the five-year old Liaison Librarian Program at the University of Florida. METHODS Liaison librarians, faculty, students, staff,Expand
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Customizing for clients: developing a library liaison program from need to plan.
Building on the experiences of librarian representatives to curriculum committees in the colleges of dentistry, medicine, and nursing, the Health Science Center Libraries (HSCL) Strategic PlanExpand
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Subject specialization in a liaison librarian program.
Liaison librarians focus their work in a particular subject area and provide services to clients in that discipline. The value of and need for formal subject background for such liaisons have beenExpand
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Using Comparative Online Journal Usage Studies to Assess the Big Deal
This paper analyzes the comparative findings of two studies undertaken at the University of Florida Libraries comparing online journal usage statistics derived from COUNTER-compliant publishers. TheExpand
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