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Magnetic Properties of Graphitically Encapsulated Nickel Nanocrystals
Graphitically encapsulated ferromagnetic Ni nanocrystals have been synthesized via a modified tungsten arc-discharge method. By virtue of the protective graphitic coating, these nanocrystals areExpand
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Combined-Stage Sintering Model
By focusing on the similarities between the three stages of sintering, a single equation is derived that quantifies sintering as a continuous process from beginning to end. The microstructure isExpand
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A descriptive model linking possible formation mechanisms for graphite-encapsulated nanocrystals to processing parameters
New and modified mechanisms are proposed to account for detailed observations of carbon encapsulation of Fe, Ni, and Co nanocrystals. The mechanisms are based on aerosol and gas phase chemistry andExpand
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Influence of strain rate on buckle folding of an elasto–viscous single layer
Abstract The influence of strain rate on the buckle folding behavior of an elasto–viscous layer–matrix model is explored by adopting an end-rotation method, which is capable of excluding theExpand
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Controlled-size nanocapsules
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Nanophase Ni particles produced by a blown arc method
Nanophase Ni particles (<10 nm in diameter) were produced by a blown arc method. A helium gas stream directed at the arc reduces the Ni vapor concentration and increases the quench rate. The heliumExpand
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Electrochemical hydrogenation of nanocrystalline face-centered cubic Co powder
Abstract Nanocrystalline face-centered cubic (FCC) Co powder encapsulated within graphite layers was fabricated by an arc discharge method. Its electrochemical hydrogenation properties wereExpand
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Synthesis of carbon encapsulated non-ferromagnetic metal nanoparticles☆
Abstract Graphite (graphene) encapsulated metal (GEM) nanoparticles are a core-shell structured composite material. Contrary to the fast development of ferromagnetic GEM, the non-ferromagneticExpand
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