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Geotourist values of loess geoheritage within the planned Geopark Małopolska Vistula River Gap, E Poland
Abstract The European network of geoparks currently consists of 64 parks, but a limited number are located in loess areas. Three national geoparks have been created in Poland, while designs for newExpand
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Long-term forest cover changes, within an agricultural region, in relation to environmental variables, Lubelskie province, Eastern Poland
Land cover changes result mainly from anthropogenic determinants (historical and socio-economic processes), but natural factors may also play an important role. The processes of deforestation andExpand
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The impact of permanent gullies on present-day land use and agriculture in loess areas (E. Poland)
Abstract The socio-economic effect of the occurrence of specific forms of relief, is a significant research problem in applied geomorphology. The objective of this study was to assess the impact ofExpand
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Geomorphosite Assessment in the Proposed Geopark Vistula River Gap (E Poland)
Abstract Geomorphosites are among major assets for the development of geotourism. An accurate assessment of spatial distribution of their scientific, educational and economic characteristics providesExpand
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Assessment of Microscale Variation of Heavy Metal Pollution of the Bystrzyca River Alluvia Downstream from Lublin
Fluvial sediments accumulated in the bottoms of river valleys downstream from large cities are characterised by higher levels of heavy metal content, which poses a threat to the environment andExpand
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Impact of Physicochemical Characteristics of Colluvial and Alluvial Soils on Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn Content (East Poland)
The physical and chemical parameters of soils play an important role in the binding and migration of trace elements in the environment. The study attempts to assess the correlation between the basicExpand
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