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Global observed changes in daily climate extremes of temperature and precipitation
A suite of climate change indices derived from daily temperature and precipitation data, with a primary focus on extreme events, were computed and analyzed. By setting an exact formula for each indexExpand
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Influence of the tropical Atlantic versus the tropical Pacific on Caribbean rainfall
[1] The Caribbean rainfall season runs from May through November and is distinctly bimodal in nature. The bimodality allows for a convenient division into an early season (May–June–July) and a lateExpand
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Recent changes in climate extremes in the Caribbean region
[1] A January 2001 workshop held in Kingston, Jamaica, brought together scientists and data from around the Caribbean region and made analysis of indices of extremes derived from daily weatherExpand
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Future climate of the Caribbean from a regional climate model
Scenarios of rainfall and temperature changes for the period 2071–2100 under the A2 and B2 Special Report on Emissions scenarios are examined using the Hadley Centre Providing Regional Climates forExpand
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Future climate of the Caribbean from a super-high-resolution atmospheric general circulation model
Present-day (1979–2003) and future (2075–2099) simulations of mean and extreme rainfall and temperature are examined using data from the Meteorological Research Institute super-high-resolutionExpand
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Statistical models for predicting rainfall in the Caribbean
SummarySeparate predictive models are created for the Caribbean early wet season (May–June–July) and late wet season (August–September–October). Simple correlations are used to select predictors forExpand
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The effect of concurrent sea‐surface temperature anomalies in the tropical Pacific and Atlantic on Caribbean rainfall
Singular value decomposition (SVD) techniques are used to deduce a relationship between rainfall over the Caribbean basin and oppositely signed sea-surface temperature anomalies in the Pacific andExpand
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Tropical gradient influences on Caribbean rainfall
[1] Interbasin and intrabasin gradients play an important role as a part of a regional system of Caribbean climate drivers, which include the Atlantic warm pool (AWP) and the Caribbean low-level jetExpand
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Behavior of concrete under multiaxial stress states
Differences in the observed behavior of concrete under multiaxial stress states can be ascribed to either different materials or different test methods. In order to isolate the effects of these twoExpand
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Changes in extreme temperature and precipitation in the Caribbean region, 1961–2010
A workshop was held at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, in May 2012 to build capacity in climate data rescue and to enhance knowledge about climate change in the Caribbean region.Expand
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