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Mitochondrial ATP synthase residue betaarginine-408, which interacts with the inhibitory site of regulatory protein IF1, is essential for the function of the enzyme.
Results indicate that betaArg408 is essential not for assembly of the F(1)F(0) complex but for the catalytic activity of the enzyme.
Novel Developmental Immunotoxicology ForMonitoring The Risk Assessment For HumanPopulations From Environmental Pollution:Alternative Methods In Vitro
The cytokine profile detection using small samples (500μg/L) of human whole blood is reproducible and can be effectively used as an in vitro biomarker in human epidemiological studies on environmentally exposed people.
Role of Apaf-1 and cathepsin B in pituitary tumor progression
Data demonstrated an inverse correlation between Apaf-1 and cathepsin B expressions, which indicates that shifting the balance between cell death mediators might result in changes in tumor behavior.