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Swimming behavior of the spoon worm Urechis unicinctus (Annelida, Echiura).
Large numbers of swimming and stranding Urechis unicinctus were observed at night during low tide in Sasuhama, Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, during the periods from January to February inExpand
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A new species of the genus Arhynchite (Annelida, Echiura) from sandy flats of Japan, previously referred to as Thalassema owstoni Ikeda, 1904
Abstract A new echiuran, Arhynchite hayaoi sp. n., is described from newly collected specimens from sandy flats of the Seto Inland Sea, Japan, together with many museum specimens, including thoseExpand
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Unraveling a 70-Year-Old Taxonomic Puzzle: Redefining the Genus Ikedosoma (Annelida: Echiura) on the Basis of Morphological and Molecular Analyses
After a long-standing taxonomic confusion, the echiurid genus Ikedosoma Bock, 1942, endemic to Japan and surroundings, is redefined on the basis of morphological and molecular analyses of many newExpand
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Leocratides (Annelida: Hesionidae) from the Pacific Coast of Middle Honshu, Japan, with a Description of Leocratides kimuraorum sp. nov.
A new species of hesionid polychaetes, Leocratides kimuraorum sp. nov., is described based on material collected from the Shima Peninsula and Sagami Bay (middle Honshu, Japan), as well as museumExpand
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Diplocirrus nicolaji (Annelida: Flabelligeridae) from Japan, detailed morphological observation and DNA barcoding
Diplocirrus nicolaji is a flabelligerid worm originally described from shallow waters of Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan. Later, this species was also recorded from Japan, but detailed data wereExpand
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First report of the non-native freshwater nereidid polychaete Namalycastis hawaiiensis (Johnson, 1903) from a private goldfish aquarium in eastern Japan
The aquarium trade poses a great risk of aquatic invasion worldwide, but little attention has been paid to unintentionally introduced species. The present study reports the occurrence of theExpand
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JAMBIO Coastal Organism Joint Surveys reveals undiscovered biodiversity around Sagami Bay
Abstract JAMBIO, Japanese Association for Marine Biology, has been organizing JAMBIO Coastal Organism Joint Surveys at Shimoda Marine Research Center, University of Tsukuba, and Misaki MarineExpand
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Choanotrema nom. nov. (Trematoda: Opecoelidae), a new replacement name for Choanostoma Yamaguti, 1934, a junior homonym of Choanostoma Wang, 1930 (Ciliophora: Haptorida: Didiniidae)
Choanostoma Yamaguti, 1934 was established for Choanostoma plectorhynchi Yamaguti, 1934 (Trematoda: Opecoelidae). The generic name Choanostoma, however, is a junior homonym of Choanostoma Wang, 1930Expand
Rullierinereis imajimai nom. nov., a replacement name for R. profunda Imajima, 2009, secondary homonym to R. profunda (Hartman, 1965), formerly Namalycastis profundus.
Hartman (1965) described a nereidid species, Namalycastis profundus[sic], based on a deep-sea specimen collected from off Bermuda (1000 m deep) in the NW Atlantic. Although Hartman (1965) did notExpand