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Evolution of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea
Geological and geophysical data collected aboard R/V Vema during five summer cruises in the period 1966 to 1973 have been used to investigate the geological history and evolution of theExpand
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Rapid gravity computations for two‐dimensional bodies with application to the Mendocino submarine fracture zone
Expressions are derived for the vertical and horizontal components of the gravitational attraction due to a two-dimensional body of arbitrary shape by approximating it to an n-sided polygon. TheseExpand
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Structural Framework and the Evolutionary History of the Continental Margin of Western India: Rifted Margins: Field Investigations of Margin Structure and Stratigraphy
Sediment and upper crustal structure derived from sonobuoys, together with other geophysical evidence, divides the continental margin of western India into two provinces: the western basin and theExpand
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Sea-Floor Spreading in the North Atlantic
The magnetic anomaly lineation pattern in the North Atlantic Ocean (between the latitudes of 15° N. and 63° N.) has been examined in light of the hypotheses of sea-floor spreading and plateExpand
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Laxmi Ridge – A continental sliver in the Arabian Sea
Identification by Bhattacharya et al. (1994) of seafloor spreading type magnetic anomalies in the basin lying between Laxmi Ridge in the Arabian Sea and the Indian continent necessitates a change inExpand
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Reykjanes ridge crest: A detailed geophysical study
A geophysical survey employing satellite navigation was carried out over the Reykjanes submarine ridge southwest of Iceland. Water depth, sediment thickness, and the gravity and magnetic fields wereExpand
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Rapid computation of gravitational attraction of three-dimensional bodies of arbitrary shape
An expression is derived for the gravity anomaly at an external point caused by a horizontal lamina with the boundary of an irregular polygon. This expression is put in a form suitable forExpand
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Origin of seaward-dipping reflectors in oceanic crust off the Norwegian margin by “subaerial sea-floor spreading”
A remarkable layered acoustic stratification is observed in the upper oceanic crust adjacent to the Norwegian continental margin. It comprises a seaward-dipping complex of reflectors in the form of aExpand
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Extinct triple junction south of Greenland and the Tertiary motion of Greenland relative to North America
Geophysical data collected by R/V Vema during cruises from 1960 to 1973 in the area south of Greenland were used to establish details of the magnetic lineation pattern and the basement morphologyExpand
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