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Hot and humid climate: prospect for thermal comfort in residential building
Human body response intelligently to different climate conditions by acclimatization and adaptation. The different thermal comfort behavior of human need for people in different climate condition andExpand
EEG Analysis for Brainwave Balancing Index (BBI)
The result shows that the PSD analysis provides reliable BBI with 80% conformity, and the fundamental findings can be served as a simple indicator of one’s thinking leading to great opportunity for positive human potential development. Expand
Development of Brainwave Balancing Index Using EEG
The outcome shows that BBI system could be established using EEG signals, and could be used as a straightforward indicator of one's ability to think and work leading to vast opportunity for constructive human potential advancement. Expand
Extending the response range of an optical fibre pH sensor using an artificial neural network
Abstract An artificial neural network (ANN) has been applied for the analysis of the response of an optical fibre pH sensor. The optrode was based on a 3,4,5,6-tetrabromophenol sulphonephthaleinExpand
Evaluation of human stress using EEG Power Spectrum
This paper presents an evaluation conducted between human stress questionnaires with EEG Power Spectrum of Beta and Alpha band. Cohen's Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) was used as stress questionnairesExpand
Characterization of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose films using microwave non-destructive testing technique.
The results indicated that blank hydroxypropylmethylcellulose film exhibited a greater propensity of polymer-polymer interaction at the O-H and C-H domains of the polymer chains upon conditioned at a lower level of relative humidity. Expand
Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for diagnosis risk in dengue patients
This study developed a non-invasive accurate diagnostic system that can assist the physicians to diagnose the risk in dengue patients and therefore attain the correct decision to hospitalize the patients. Expand
Classification of intelligence quotient via brainwave sub-band power ratio features and artificial neural network
Findings indicate that the distinct intelligence quotient groups can be classified from the brainwave sub-band power ratios with 100% training and 88.89% testing accuracies. Expand
Applications of artificial neural network on signal processing of optical fibre pH sensor based on bromophenol blue doped with sol–gel film
Abstract In this paper, the applications of artificial neural network (ANN) in signal processing of optical fibre pH sensor is presented. The pH sensor is developed based on the use of bromophenolExpand
Multichannel calibration technique for optical-fibre chemical sensor using artificial neural network
Abstract A multilayer feed-forward artificial neural network has been utilized to model the input-output data of an optical-fibre pH sensor. An experiment to generate the optical response spectrumExpand