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Ecdysterone and Turkesterone in Ajuga turkestanica Determined by HPLC
Shoots of Ajuga turkestanica (Rgl.) Brig. (Labiatae, Mint) are a source of highly effective biologically active compounds such as phytoecdysteroids and natural glycosides [1, 2]. Ecdysterone,Expand
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Isolation of raffinose from cottonseed meal
The solubility of raffinose in various solvents has been studied. The influence of several factors on the process of extracting raffinose from cottonseed meal has been investigated. The optimumExpand
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Isolation of protein from tomato seed meal
The results are given of a study of the extraction and precipitation of tomato seed protein. Some physicochemical properties and the amino acid composition of tomato seed protein has been studied.Expand
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The precipitation of isolated cotton-plant protein
SummaryThe optimum condition for the precipitation of the protein from an extract obtained by treating cottonseed meal with 5% NH4Cl is its precipitation at room temperature with 10% HCl at pH 3–3.5.
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Composition of the lipids and carbohydrates of the seeds ofAmaranthus caudatus
The chemical composition of the seed lipids ofAmaranthus caudatus L. has been investigated. The fatty acid compositions of the neutral lipids and of the phospho- and glycolipids have been determined.Expand
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Carbohydrates from Ajuga turkestanica
Two species of Ajuga grow in Uzbekistan. Of these, we studied A. turkestanica Rgl. (Labiatae). The aerial part of the plant is a source of biologically active compounds such as ecdysteroids [1] andExpand
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Carbohydrates of the fruit ofRosa canina
It is known that rose fruit contains biologically active compounds (vitamins B 2, C, K, and P, carotene, organic adds, flavonoids, and tannin substances), which are responsible for healing propertiesExpand
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Iridoids ofAjuga turkestanica and their quantitative determination
Substances of iridoid nature identified as harpagide and 8-O-acetylharpigide have been isolated from the herbAjuga turkestanica. A procedure for the quantitative chromatographic determination ofExpand
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Quantitative determination of the total iridoids in plants of the genusLagochilus
Chromatophotocolorimetric and accelerated photocolorimetric methods of determining 8-O-harpagide and harpagide in the epigeal parts of the plantsL. platycalyx andL. setulosus have been developedExpand
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Shed plane leaves as a source ofα-tocopherol
A natural source of α-tocopherol — shed plane leaves — has been found. The dynamics of the accumulation of a-tocopherol over the vegetation period of the plant has been studied, and a method has beenExpand
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