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Probing the electronic structure of platinum(II) chromophores: crystal structures, NMR structures, and photophysical properties of six new bis- and di- phenolate/thiolate Pt(II)diimine chromophores.
There is a dramatic difference in the photophysical properties of carborane complexes compared to other mixed-ligand Pt(II) compounds, which includes room-temperature emission and photostability. Expand
Synthesis and characterization of fluorenone-, anthraquinone-, and phenothiazine-labeled oligodeoxynucleotides: 5'-probes for DNA redox chemistry.
A facile and automated procedure for the synthesis of oligodeoxynucleotides possessing derivatives of 9-fluoreneone, 9,10-anthraquinone, and phenothiazine is described, which shows a slight enhancement in duplex stability relative to the unlabeled control. Expand
Synthesis and stability of oligodeoxynucleotides containing C8-labeled 2'-deoxyadenosine: novel redox nucleobase probes for DNA-mediated charge-transfer studies.
An efficient and convenient synthetic strategy to redox-labeled C8-derivatives of 2'-deoxyadenosine is described and the resulting labeled oligodeoxynucleotide strands form stable B-form duplexes with melting temperatures and CD spectra similar to those of the unlabeled analogues. Expand
Photoinduced Electron Transfer in an Oligodeoxynucleotide Duplex: Observation of the Electron-Transfer Intermediate
Kinetics of a photoinduced electron-transfer reaction between phenothiazine (PTZ) and Ru(bpy)2(4-m-4‘-pa-bpy)2+ [bpy = 2,2‘-bipyridine and 4-m-4‘-pa-bpy = 4-methyl-4‘-carbonylpropargylamine]Expand
Solid-Phase Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of DNA Labeled at the Nucleobase with Ru(bpy)(2)(4-m-4'-pa-bpy)(2+).
A facile procedure for incorporating a Ru(diimine)(3)(2+) complex at the nucleobase in an oligonucleotide is reported that combines the advantages of Pd(0) cross-coupling and solid-phase DNAExpand
Site-Specifically Labeled Metallo-Oligodeoxynucleotides
Abstract Growing interest in site-specifically labeled metallo-oligodeoxynucleotides for diagnostic, therapeutic and mechanistic applications provides the impetus for the development of new syntheticExpand
On the Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Structure−Property Relationships of Metal Chromophores
The synthesis and solvent-dependent second-order polarizability, β, responses of three new platinum(II) chromophores are reported. A strong correlation between the metal chromophore electronicExpand
Synthesis and characterization of phenothiazine labeled oligodeoxynucleotides: novel 2'-deoxyadenosine and thymidine probes for labeling DNA.
Phenothiazine labeled oligodeoxynucleotides form stable B-form duplexes with similar melting temperatures, CD spectra, and DSC traces compared to unlabeled DNA duplexe. Expand
Intramolecular electrocatalysis of 8-oxo-guanine oxidation: secondary structure control of electron transfer in osmium-labeled oligonucleotides.
The hairpin-forming oligonucleotide Os-5'-ATG TCA GAT TAG CAG GCC TGA CAT 8G was synthesized and characterized by thermal denaturation and native gel electrophoresis both in the hairpin form and when hybridized to its Watson-Crick complement. Expand
Synthesis of functional "top-half" partial structures of azinomycin a and B.
The design and synthesis of a detailed series of functional "top-half" substructures of azinomycin A and B is described.