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Evaluating the Accuracy and Efficiency of Multiple Sequence Alignment Methods
Alignment quality was highly dependent on the number of deletions and insertions in the sequences and that the sequence length and indel size had a weaker effect, and ProbCons was consistently on the top of list of the evaluated MSA tools. Expand
MPD3: a useful medicinal plants database for drug designing
The designed MPD3 is a comprehensive database which provides most of the information related to the medicinal plants at a single platform and is deemed to be very useful for the researchers who are engaged in medicinal plants research, CADD and drug discovery/development with ease of operation and increased efficiency. Expand
In-Silico Analysis of nsSNPs Associated with CYP11B2 Gene
The results showed that Fadrozole binding with CYP11B2 became stronger which proved the efficiency of this drug inhibitor with these highly damaging mutations, which will be useful for selecting the high priority CYP 11B2 mutations. Expand
A Comprehensive Study of De Novo Genome Assemblers: Current Challenges and Future Prospective
A comparison study of seven assemblers, namely, ABySS, Velvet, Edena, SGA, Ray, SSAKE, and Perga, using prokaryotic and eukaryotic paired-end as well as single-end data sets from Illumina platform showed that in case of single- end data sets, Velvet and ABy SS outperformed in all the seven assembler with comparatively low assembling time and high genome fraction. Expand
Synthesis of Tobramycin Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles and Its Catalytic and Antibacterial Activity Against Pathogenic Bacteria
In the present study, tobramycin stabilized silver nanoparticles (Tob-AgNPs) were effectively synthesized in an aqueous medium by well-organized one-pot technique and successfully employed for theExpand
Multiple Sequence Alignment Tools: Assessing Performance of the Underlying Algorithms
Multiple sequence alignments have primary role in several domains of modern molecular biology such as protein 3D structure/function prediction, phylogeny inference, molecular function, intermolecularExpand
IVisTMSA: Interactive Visual Tools for Multiple Sequence Alignments
IVisTMSA is a software package of seven graphical tools for multiple sequence alignments that provides graphical user interfaces for four popular aligners and allows the user to load several sequence files at a time. Expand
The accuracy of protein structure alignment servers
This work compared and presented results of six most popular and publically available servers for protein structure comparison with the respect to functionality ( features provided by these servers) and accuracy (how well the structural comparison is performed) and showed that overall CE was top performer. Expand
MQAT: An Efficient Quality Assessment Tool for Large Multiple Sequence Alignments
Knowledge of the most accurate MSA method in the initial stage of a biological research work may help in choosing the right MSA method and a correct downstream analysis. The most important challengeExpand