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Abstract The relationships between mean intensity and prevalence of infestation of Pseudione humboldtensis and the size and sex of the hosts, the squat lobsters Cervimunidia johni and PleuroncodesExpand
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Spatial and temporal predictability of the parasite community structure of a benthic marine fish along its distributional range.
The search for consistent patterns of organisation in parasite communities remains a central theme in parasite community ecology. However, to date, much evidence comes from studies withoutExpand
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Functional groups in marine phytoplankton assemblages dominated by diatoms in fjords of southern Chile
The co-existence of phytoplankton assemblages under similar environmental conditions has allowed the identification of functional groups made up of species with similar morphological andExpand
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The decay of similarity over geographical distance in parasite communities of marine fishes
Aim  We evaluate, for the first time, the decay of similarity over distance in four species of marine fishes with different vagility: Trachurus murphyi (pelagic, highly vagile), Merluccius gayiExpand
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Biogeographical patterns in endoparasite communities of a marine fish (Sebastes capensis Gmelin) with extended range in the Southern Hemisphere
Aim  The endoparasites of Sebastes capensis Gmelin are examined over most of its geographical range (coasts of Peru, Chile, Argentina and South Africa) to determine: (1) whether the endoparasiteExpand
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Population dynamic of early stages of Caligus rogercresseyi in an embayment used for intensive salmon farms in Chilean inland seas
Around the world several strategies for the management and control of sea lice infestations have been implemented. In Chile where the salmon harvest is significantly higher than other countries andExpand
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Geographical differences in the feeding patterns of red rockfish (Sebastes capensis) along South American coasts
Feeding habits and feed- ing strategy of red rockfish (Sebastes capensis) were studied from fish cap- tured along most of the range of this species in coastal waters of South America. StomachExpand
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The distribution of the ectoparasite fauna of Sebastes capensis from the southern hemisphere does not correspond with zoogeographical provinces of free-living marine animals
Aim We examined the ectoparasite fauna of Sebastes capensis over almost all its geographical distribution range (Chilean, Argentinean and South African coasts) to determine (1) whether theExpand
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Molecular and morphological analyses reveal that the pathogen Benedenia seriolae (Monogenea: Capsalidae) is a complex species: Implications for yellowtail Seriola spp. aquaculture
Abstract Monogeneans such as Benedenia seriolae are important pathogens of Seriola spp. that are farmed around the world. In northern Chile, cultures of Seriola lalandi are being developed, and B.Expand
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Hermaphroditism in Marine Mussel Perumytilus purpuratus (Lamarck, 1819), (Mollusca: Mytilidae)
Los bivalvos marinos son principalmente especies gonocoricas. Sin embargo, ocasionales especimenes hermafroditas pueden encontrarse. Una descripcion histologica de dos (de 179) especimenesExpand
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