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Pharmacokinetics of Nitrosoureas: Levels of 1,3-Bis-(2-Chloroethyl)-1-Nitrosourea (Bcnu) in Organs of Normal and Walker 256/B Carcinoma Bearing Rats after I.V. Bolus
The disappearance of 1,3-bis-(2-chlorethyl)-1-nitrosourea (BCNU) from plasma, liver, kidney, lung, brain, spleen, tumor tissue and epididymal adipose tissue of Walker 256/B carcinoma-bearing rats andExpand
Polarographic Assay of Submicrogram Quantities of Cis-Dichlorodiamineplatinum (II) in Biological Samples
Levels of free cis-dichlorodiamineplatinum (II) in plasma fell in samples stored at –20 °C; the half-life of free drug was 38 h. Expand
Systematic versus on-demand early palliative care: A randomised clinical trial assessing quality of care and treatment aggressiveness near the end of life.
Systematic EPC showed a significant impact on some indicators of end-of-life (EoL) treatment aggressiveness and quality of care is improved by this approach, reinforced by multiple non-significant differences in most of the other items. Expand
Pharmacokinetics of Nitrosoureas: Comparison of 1,3-Bis-(2-Chloroethyl)-1-Nitrosourea (Bcnu) and 1-(2-Chloroethyl)-3-Cyclohexyl-1-Nitrosourea (Ccnu) after Oral and Intravenous Administration to Rats
Differential pulse Polarographic assay of intact nitrosoureas revealed the lower bioavailability of CCNU (1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-cyclohexyl-1-nitrosourea) in stomach and liver after oral administrationExpand
Pharmacokinetic studies in lung cancer patients
Examples of pharmacokinetic measurements used to monitor and design cytotoxic treatments in cancer patients pertain to drug instability, gastrointestinal absorption, enzyme induction in the liver, drug interaction, and drug tissue concentrations. Expand
Cisplatin-Vinorelbine Combination Chemotherapy in Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
The regimen is active and safe: the slight survival increase is likely due to the small amenability to surgery achieved, and the results are fully comparable to others obtained with vinorelbine in two/three drug combination chemotherapy regimens. Expand
Transient blindness and seizure associated with cisplantin therapy
Cisplatin is suggested as a possible etiologic factor for adenocarcinoma of unknown origin after a 38-year-old woman complained of blindness and had a seizure with spontaneous recovery in 4 days. Expand
ABCB1 c.3435C>T polymorphism is associated with platinum toxicity: a preliminary study
It is revealed that ABCB1 c.3435C>T polymorphism influences platinum toxicity, and the T allele seems to exert a protective effect on the development of toxicities. Expand