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Effects of high concentrations of dietary crude glycerin on dairy cow productivity and milk quality.
An increasing worldwide interest in alternative fuel sources and in a more diversified energy matrix has provided incentives for the biodiesel industry, generating large amounts of the by-productExpand
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Crude glycerin changes ruminal parameters, in vitro greenhouse gas profile, and bacterial fractions of beef cattle
Abstract As the biodiesel industry produces a large surplus of crude glycerin, this by-product is increasingly being considered as an attractive source of energy to replace corn in livestock diets.Expand
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Feeding behavior, nutrient digestibility, feedlot performance, carcass traits, and meat characteristics of crossbred lambs fed high levels of yellow grease or soybean oil
Abstract Twenty-four crossbred (Santa Ines × Dorper) non-castrated male lambs (initial body weigh 24.9 kg ± 2.4 kg), were used to evaluate the effects of lipid sources (soybean oil or frying soybeanExpand
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Carcass characteristics and meat quality of lambs fed high concentrations of crude glycerin in low-starch diets.
In this study, we evaluated the effects of total corn replacement with crude glycerin on carcass characteristics and meat quality of feedlot lambs fed high-concentrate diets with low starch. FortyExpand
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Carcass traits and meat quality of Nellore cattle fed different non-fiber carbohydrates sources associated with crude glycerin.
Crude glycerin, a potential energy source for ruminant animals, has been evaluated, mainly, in diets with high starch content. However, a limit number of studies have evaluated the inclusion of crudeExpand
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Effects of partial or total replacement of corn cracked grain with high concentrations of crude glycerin on rumen metabolism of crossbred sheep
Abstract Crude glycerin, a by-product of the biodiesel industry, has been used as a strategic ingredient in intensive ruminant production systems, mainly in substitution of starch-rich ingredients.Expand
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Glicerina bruta associada à ureia na terminação de bovinos: consumo, desempenho e características da carne
Objetivou-se nesta pesquisa avaliar os efeitos da combinacao de glicerina bruta e ureia sobre o consumo, o desempenho produtivo e as caracteristicas da carne de bovinos da raca Nelore. O estudo foiExpand
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Partial replacement of corn by soybean hulls in high-grain diets for feedlot sheep
The objective of this work was to evaluate the partial replacement of corn grains by soybean hulls, in high-grain diets, and its effect on the feeding behavior and ruminal fermentation parameters ofExpand
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Effects of dietary inclusion of high concentrations of crude glycerin on meat quality and fatty acid profile of feedlot fed Nellore bulls
Crude glycerin, the main by-product of biodiesel production, can replace dietary energy sources, such as corn. The objective of this study was to evaluate the inclusion of up to 30% of crude glycerinExpand
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