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Studies on molecular interactions between nalidixic acid and liposomes.
The interaction between nalidixic acid sodium salt (NANa) and liposomes prepared from alpha-L-dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine (DPPC) or from its binary mixture with dioleoyl-phosphatidylcholineExpand
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Role of hydrophobic and hydrophilic forces in peptide-protein interaction: New advances
A considerable part of important biological processes is governed by the noncovalent association of peptides and proteins. Various types of intermolecular forces may be involved in the formation ofExpand
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Stabilization of small unilamellar DMPC-liposomes by uncharged polymers
Abstract Polymer-free and polymer-bearing small unilamellar (SUV) liposomes from dimyristoyl-phosphatidylcholine (DMPC) were prepared under standardized conditions. Polymer-bearing liposomes wereExpand
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Lipophilicity determination of some new crown ethers by reversed-phase thin-layer chromatography
SummaryThe lipophilicity of 28 modified crown ether derivatives was determined by reversed-phase thin-layer chromatography (RPTLC) using various organic phases and supports. The lipophilicity valuesExpand
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Phospholipid - Amino Acid Interactions
Abstract Interaction of 17 amino acids with dipalmitoyl phosphatidylethanolamine and with dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine was studied by differential scanning calorimetry. Amino acids influenced theExpand
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Amino acid-amino acid interactions studied by charge-transfer chromatography.
The interaction between amino acids was studied by charge-transfer reversed-phase thin-layer chromatography. The dependence of the lipophilicity of Trp on the concentration of other amino acids inExpand
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Action of paraquat and diquat on proteins and phospholipids
Abstract The action of bipyridylium herbicides paraquat and diquat on some synthetic phospholipids and on papain and lysozyme was studied by differential scanning calorimetry. The phase transitionExpand
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Reversed-phased thin-layer chromatography used to study the simultaneous effect of pH and ion strength on the lipophilicity of chlorphexidine
The effect of ion strength and pH value of the eluent on the determination of the lipophilicity of chlorhexidine was studied by reversed-phase thin-layer chromatography. The method has been improvedExpand
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Interaction of phospholipids with proteins, peptides and amino acids. New advances 1987-1989.
1. The review deals with the recent achievements in the study of the various interactions of phospholipids with proteins, peptides and amino acids. The interactions are classified according to theExpand
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