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Scaling up in Rural Schools Using Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
Many educators struggle with the challenges of effective behavior management. In rural schools, this frequently means that educators are struggling to do more, with little or no additional resources.Expand
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Effects of choice on young children's reading engagement and stamina
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Chief nursing officers' perceptions of the Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree.
PROBLEM Nurse executives practice in a business environment, which requires a skill set that has traditionally not been included in advanced nursing curriculum. The Doctorate of Nursing PracticeExpand
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Case management evolution: from basic to advanced practice role.
This article provides an overview of nursing case management as an advanced practice role from a theoretical and practice basis. Not all case managers will, or need to, perform case management dutiesExpand
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The influence of Vissarion Belinskiī on the literary criticism of Mikhail Naimy
In the article the influence of Russian literary criticism on writings of Mikhail Naimy, the world renowned figure in modern Arabic literature, is studied. Together other ArabAmerican men of lettersExpand
An investigation of the assessment practices of elementary general music teachers in Iowa
Assessment, leading to informed decisions, is an integral part of music education and may be a means to justify the importance of music as a valued content subject (Brophy, 2000). The purpose of thisExpand
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The russian influence on the literary and critical writings of Mikhail Naimy
In the article, the author studies the Russian influence on the literary, philosophical and critical works of Mikhail Naimy, the world renowned figure in modern Arabic literature. His writingsExpand