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Indentation deformation/fracture of normal and anomalous glasses
Abstract Vickers deformation/fracture indentations have been investigated in six silicate glasses. The characteristic damage patterns fall into two distinct groups, according to whether the glassExpand
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Topographical analysis of the structural, biochemical and dynamic biomechanical properties of cartilage in an ovine model of osteoarthritis.
OBJECTIVE The relationship between the topographical variations in the structural, biochemical and dynamic biomechanical properties of articular cartilage (AC) before and 6 months after meniscectomyExpand
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Regulation of reactionary dentin formation by odontoblasts in response to polymicrobial invasion of dentin matrix.
Odontoblast synthesis of dentin proceeds through discrete but overlapping phases characterized by formation of a patterned organic matrix followed by remodelling and active mineralization. MicrobialExpand
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Hierarchical flexural strength of enamel: transition from brittle to damage-tolerant behaviour
Hard, biological materials are generally hierarchically structured from the nano- to the macro-scale in a somewhat self-similar manner consisting of mineral units surrounded by a soft protein shell.Expand
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Transformation Toughening: An Overview
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Fundamental Structure and Properties of Enamel, Dentin and Cementum
In this chapter, the fundamental structure of dental tissue at different scale levels and its concurrent role in determining the mechanical properties of the tooth are discussed. The main emphasis isExpand
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Nickel sulphide inclusions in glass: an example of microcracking induced by a volumetric expanding phase change
Microcracking about inclusions of nickel sulphide in soda-lime glass has been studied. These cracks are nucleated by the volumetric expansion that accompanies theα-β phase transformation in nickelExpand
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Root resorption and its association with alterations in physical properties, mineral contents and resorption craters in human premolars following application of light and heavy controlled orthodontic
OBJECTIVES To study the effect of different orthodontic force levels on cementum, investigating from the point of view of its physical properties, alterations in the mineral components, type andExpand
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Bone Micro-Fracture Observations From Direct Impact of Slow Velocity Projectiles
Background: Skeletal fractures produced by bullet impacts are unique and yet their mechanism remains poorly understood. Objectives: To understand the initiation and propagation of direct ballisticExpand
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Morphoscopic analysis of experimentally produced bony wounds from low-velocity ballistic impact
Understanding how bone behaves when subjected to ballistic impact is of critical importance for forensic questions, such as the reconstruction of shooting events. Yet the literature addressingExpand
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